Botanical Garden of Bangladesh Agricultural University

Botanical garden mymensingh

Bangladesh Agricultural University Botanic Garden (which is also known as Bangladesh Krishi University Botanical Garden, Mymensingh botanical garden, etc) is located beside the University (eastern side). It was founded during 1962 and currently it is under the Department of Crop Botany. This is a small garden but rich with plenty of flora, specially during Spring.

It was the month of spring when we were there. Almost every plant from the garden was showcasing the blooming. There were lot of flowers which I've never seen before. This botanical garden gave me the opportunity to observe them. Such flowers are Ramshor (Hapormali), Bashok, Chitra, Neel moni lota, and many more.

This botanical garden has an orchid section. But similar to other botanical garden that was locked. But the fence of the house was broken. We could see inside from the outside. Didn't see that much blooming of orchid there. Also there wasn't too many plants either. Compare to the richness of the whole botanical garden the Orchid section was really poor in my opinion.

The once upon a mighty river Brahmaputra is flowing beside this botanical garden. The river was looking lovely from the garden. It wasn't having that much of water there due to dry season. If you are a nature lover then you could have a sit on a bench for a while to enjoy the moment. Also there is a nice path at the river side of the garden. You could have a stroll to enjoy your moment.

Entry Fee:

It required 10 Taka per person to enter inside this botanical garden. We told them we were flower observer, and we had a nice welcome from them. They were also curious to know whether we had a great time there or not after our visit. We've thanked them for leaving.

Opening and closing time:

I am not quite sure but this botanical garden remains open every day from 10am to 5pm. If not, at least it remains open during the weekend (Friday and Saturday).

How to Go:

This is not that far from the main town of Mymensingh. Approximately 3 kilometre and takes around 15 minutes of ride using a rickshaw or battery driven vehicle. It is fro the south-east side from the city. Everyone knows about this place. So ask local people if you need help. GPS Coordinate is (24°43'27.9"N, 90°26'28.2"E) if you are good at navigating the map.

Botanical garden mymensingh
Indian clock vine (Thunbergia mysorensis).

Where to stay:

I didn't stay there after my visit. It took only 3-4 hours to return back to Dhaka using bus or train. We've used the train and returned back Dhaka before 12 midnight. If you leave Dhaka early in the morning then It is very much possible to make a day tour as we did.

Botanical garden mymensingh
A ground inside the botanical garden.

Where to eat:

The Biriyani of Press club canteen (Mymensingh) is famous. So don't forget to taste it before you leave. After exploring the botanical garden we've been there for the lunch. I recommend it to you.

Botanical garden mymensingh
"Central Shaheed Minar" located outside the botanical garden.

Botanical garden mymensingh
A small water fountain having a waterlily at center.

Botanical garden mymensingh
A crowd-less walking path through deciduous plants beside the orchid sheds.

Botanical garden mymensingh
Inside the Orchid shed through the nets.

Botanical garden mymensingh
Another nice little walking path besdie the riverside of the botanical garden.

Botanical garden mymensingh
You can have a view of the River Brahammaputra from the botanic garden.

Botanical garden mymensingh
River Brahammaputra, once upon a time was a mighty river.

Botanical garden mymensingh
Another view of the river.

Another sculpture outside the Botanical garden that depicts the victory of the war 1971.

Botanical Garden,
Bangladesh Agricultural University,
District: Mymensingh,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS Coordinate (24°43'27.9"N, 90°26'28.2"E).

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Friday, 08 March 2013