Assaranca Waterfall in Ireland

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

Assaranca Waterfall (also known as Eas a' Ranca) is located just only 15 minutes of drive from the Ardara of Donegal. The name came from the Gaelic word Eas which means waterfall. It is very easy to access as it is located just beside the road. The waterfall is attractive regardless the season in Ireland as it gives an opportunity to take some picturesque photo. It falls into the ocean by flowing beside the nearby Maghera beach.

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

I don't know the exact height of the waterfall. But it has a couple of steps which are visible from the front side. And they looked like two waterfalls joined together, one above another. The dropping created a small shallow pool beneath the waterfall. The source of the Assaranca waterfall is not far, probably a 10/15 kilometers from there. That's why usually it doesn't have that much flow. But if you visit the waterfall after a continuous rain of two days then it would be a ferocious one.

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

About our visit

Due to the August Bank holiday it was packed in Donegal. All the affordable and good quality accommodations were booked out for Saturday. So we've gone for the Sunday option and found a nice comfortable B&B at the very last moment, and it was in Bundoran. After a quick check-in we've headed for this Assaranca waterfall. It took a drive around an hour and 15 minutes through Ardara town. The weather wasn't good despite of having a very sunny morning. It had been raining continuously since then. There was only another car in the parking area near the waterfall. We couldn't stay outside for longer due to the rain. Also some small flying insects were biting us. So after exploring the area and the waterfall we've enjoyed rest from sitting inside the car.

Assaranca waterfall Ireland
This photo was taken from the bridge nearby.

What else is nearby?

The nice Maghera beach is near from the place. Probably a few minutes of driving. During a lovely day that beach is an amazing place to explore. The beach has a cave near it which is known as Maghera cave (which is only accessible during the low tide time). There is a paid car park near the beach which you can use during your visit. It it very nice to have some kind of parking instead of parking in a road. By the way, we couldn't visit the cave and the beach as the weather was very gloomy and rainy. But I have a plan to go there again.

Also there is a nice drive through the picturesque valley beside the Owenwee river after the beach. It is a bit narrow and slightly steep road. But the scenic beauty is magnificent.

Assaranca waterfall Ireland
Sitting inside the car and enjoying the waterfall in rain.

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

Assaranca waterfall Ireland

Assaranca waterfall,
County: Donegal,
GPS Coordinate (54°45'30.5"N, 8°30'51.6"W).

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