A small waterfall named Poulanass in Glendalough

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough

Poulanass Waterfall is located just beside the Glendalough lake. If anyone wants to climb on top of the hill beside the lake then the waterfall would be on the left side of the trail. Possibly less than five minutes of slight upward walking from where the trail starts. Unlike any other waterfalls in Ireland this Poulanass waterfall doesn't discharge brown coloured of water. Rather it is teal green and clear water. The basin beneath the waterfall is a very clean and the water reflects the trees on it. Not sure why the water colour of this waterfall is different, but it made this little waterfall a unique one. This tinny waterfall is having several droppings which give it a shape of a cascade. GPS Coordinate of this Poulanass waterfall is (53°00'12.2"N, 6°20'43.2"W).

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
A clear water basin beneath the Poulanass waterfall, which is rare in Ireland.

How to go:

There are several ways to go Glendalough. Through M50 is the fastest option. But my favourite one is through the scenic Wicklow mountains and sally gap. Although it takes longer through there but I always enjoy the driving there. Another option is through the N81 and then through the Blessington lake and Wicklow gap.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
Although you can stand on the large stones here, but it doesn't give you the best view of the waterfall.

Parking facility:

It has a pretty big parking space at both upper and the lower lake. During the weekend they are very busy and you may need to wait in queue until a space become vacant. So early arriving is always recommended. Parking fee is around 4 euro. During the summer the parking closing time is till 10pm in the evening. Not sure about the winter time, should be very early I assume.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
The waterfall is flowing through the rocks.

Where to stay:

We didn't need to stay there as we live in Dublin and the place is perfect for day trip. You can do so if you want to live in a less expensive hotel option in Dublin. Glendalough has a plenty of accommodation option as it is a very popular tourist destination. If you have a plan to stay there more than a day then you could look for those options. An early booking is always recommended during the weekends as they fill-up very quickly.


Where to eat:

There are foodcourts beside both the parking spaces where you can have your lunch or snacks. They provide food for reasonable price. During the sunny weekend you have to stand in a queue to order for the food. While we were waiting in the queue for ice cream, the machine ran out for a while until it freezes a new batch.

I made this small video after my visit.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
Another view of the small portion of waterfall with the basin.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
Not sure whether these trees beside the stream get colour in autumn.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
You would be walking beside this stream while reaching near to the waterfall.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
This is the point from where we got the first glimpse of the Poulanass waterfall.

Poulanass Waterfall Glendalough
Shot of the lovely Poulanass waterfall for my Pinterest.

Poulanass Waterfall,
County: Wicklow,
GPS Coordinate (53°00'12.2"N, 6°20'43.2"W).

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Sunday, 12 May 2019