Top 9 tourists attractions from Kushtia

Kushtia is a district from the western part of Bangladesh, which is now under the administration of Khulna division. This district is located beside the river Padma, and another major river Gorai. This district offers several tourist activities which are related to nature, history, and archaeology. Handloom weaved Gamchha are one of the best from this district. After your visit you could have few of those as a souvenir. The accent of the people from Kushtia is sweet sounding (also clearer than any other part of Bangladesh) as it was once part of Nadia district during British era. Kushtia is known for giving birth to the famous people such as Lalon fakir, Mir Mosharraf Hossain, Bagha Jatin, and many more. I had a chance to visit this nice district once, and below are the list of tourists attractions based on my visit of that time.

1. Shelaidaha Kuthi Bari

kuthi bari kushtia, bangladesh

Possibly the Kuthibari in Kumarkhali is one of the top tourist attractions from Kushtia district. You could visit the place during any time of the year. But it would be best to visit during the 25th Baishakh of Bangla calendar (8th of May). That particular day is the birthday of the poet Rabindranath Tagore, and the local authority uses to arrange a large village fair there. It is one of the largest village fairs in Bangladesh. Read more about from Shelaidaha Kuthi Bari.

2. The shrine of Lalon fakir

tomb of lalon fakir

Lalon Fakir is probably the best philosopher Bangladesh ever had. He was born in Kushtia district and the shrine (or majar) is another top tourist attractions from Kushtia district. He is revered for his songs which are related to life and sprit. Everyday lot of fans of him use to visit this shrine. Best time to visit during the Dol purnima of the 11th month of Bangla calendar (which is usually between February-March). Read more about from The shrine of Lalon fakir.

3. A Mughal style mosque in Jhaudia

jhaudia shahi mosque, kushtia,

Jhaudia Shahi mosque is a Mughal style small mosque located in Kushtia district which worths a visit. It is not that much popular amongst the tourists who visit Kushtia. But if you are a fan of Mughal architecture and history then this mosque is for you. It takes about an hour to reach near the mosque using a public transportation. Read more about Jhaudia Shahi Mosque.

4. Explore Jugia Tati Para

handloom, gamcha, lungi, kushtia, jugia

This is kind of a different activity in Kushtia. It is related to be close to the local people in Kushtia who live on weaving cloths using handlooms. This Jugia village is near from the Kushtia town and takes around half an hour to go there by vehicle like rickshaw. During your visit you could see how they are doing the weaving, how their life is, and many more. If you are a fan of of-road tourists activities then this is the activity for you. Read more about the Jugia Tati Para.

5. Tagore lodge in the town

Tagore lodge is a small building located in Millpara of Kushtia town. It is a duplex building that was used by the poet Rabindranath Tagore. It takes approximately 10 minutes to explore this area. Being close to the town this historical place worths a visit. Read more about the Tagore lodge.

6. Giant river Padma from Kushaita

river padma, kushtia, kumarkhali

I don't know about other tourists, but I like rivers. I like to sit beside a river and watch it, like to swim in it. River Padma is one of the greatest rivers from world (if we consider the source). This river flows through several districts in Bangladesh. I've visited the river from several part of Bangladesh. That's why didn't want to miss the opportunity to see it from Kushtia district. Put this in your things to do in Kushtia district. Read more about the River Padma.

7. Gorai river beside the town

kushtia, river, gorai, bridge

River Gorai is an interesting river from Kushtia. Later on it is known as Madhumati in other part of Bangladesh. I've observed a sunrise over the river Gorai. Though it was not brilliant as my location choice wasn't perfect. But you could do it perfectly if you want. During the summer the river uses to have very little amount of water. But during the rainy season Gorai is a mighty one. Once again if you are a fan of river then this is for you. Read more about the Gorai river.

8. A Christian Cemetery in town

kushtia christian cemetery

This Christian cemetery is located at the heart of the Kushtia town. This is not actually a tourists spot. But if you love to visit the cemetery and you have permission to enter the premise then don't miss the chance to visit this place. Read more about from the article A Christian Cemetery.

9. Chapaigachhi Beel for nature lovers

kushtia, beel, chapai gachhi, haor

This is a place related to natural beauty in Kushtia. This waterbody is formed from the inflowing three rivers and two canals. I've visited the place during summer which was not a good choice. During the rainy season you'd see plenty of water in it. And during winter you'd expect to see migratory birds (not too many in numbers though). Read more about from the Chapaigachhi Beel.

How to go to Kushtia

There are several buses services available which come to Kushtia from Dhaka. Such bus services are SB Super Deluxe, Shyamoli Paribahan, etc. Usually it takes around 4-5 hours overnight journey. All the buses leave from Gabtoli or Kolyanpur of Dhaka. I'd advice you to book the bus ticket several days before the departure (specially during the weekend).

Where to stay in Kushtia

There are several good quality hotels available for night staying. I've stayed in the hotel Hotel River view during my staying and they allowed me to do an early checkin at 5:00am in morning.

Where to eat in Kushtia

There are several quality restaurants located in Kushtia town (one of them is just beside the Hotel River View). For the morning breakfast you could go in any local restaurants near the bus stoppage which uses to provide the traditional Bangladeshi breakfast comprises of handmade bread and Bhaji (or Daal).

Souvenir from Kushtia

Try to buy the Gamchha made using the handloom. It would be an experience to buy it from the people who are making instead of from a shop. This district produces one of the finest handloom weaved Gamchha. Kulfi from Kushtia is also famous. You'd see street vendors are selling those. Try to taste one or two to slake your thirst during summer.

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