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Eastbourne beach

Eastbourne is a nice little seaside town that is located at south of England. The town attracts numerous tourists every year (specially during the summer). The town is having plenty of seaside victorian style hotels where tourists could fit easily. Being next to the Beachy Head and close to the Seven sisters country park a lot of people decide to stay in this town during their visit.

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We've stayed in Eastbourne for two days. And from my experience I think this is more than enough to enjoy most of it from Eastbourne. Obviously you could stay there for more to pass some relaxing time around the beaches. Usually in the arriving day you could visit all the landmarks and other stuffs from the town. And in second day you could go for the outdoor activities. I am going to write what are the activities we've done in Eastbourne in our two days. And what are the activities you could do during your Eastbourne visit.

Beachy Head and the Lighthouse

beachy head, sussex

Beachy Head is the highest chalk cliff from the Great Britain. This place is popular tourist attraction for the white cliff and the lighthouse. People do the trekking and cliff walking around Beachy Head. Anyone can easily spend 1-2 hours around the cliffs, and then few while around the farms nearby. Read my article to know how we explored the Beachy Head.

Seven Sisters Country Park

Seven Sisters Country Park, Sussex

Seven Sisters Country Park another tourist attraction that is accessible from Eastbourne. It is located in between the Birling Gap and the Cucmere. The park is having a series of seven cliffs joined together. It also has several active farms inside, and a river named Cuckmere. Tourists do the walking around the cliffs and the farms. This entire park should take around 5 hours. Read our Experience regarding Seven Sisters Country Park.

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier

Eastbourne Pier is a very popular landmark from the town. The entire thing is built over the pillars in ocean, and connected to the mainland. People can go there and walk around it. You could feel the breeze as if coming from the middle of the ocean. There are few facilities available in pier such as night club, amusement arcade, cafe, restaurant, etc. The pier is a nice place to spend an hour during the afternoon. This place remains closed during the night. Read more about the Eastbourne Pier.

Eastbourne bandstand

Eastbourne Bandstand

Eastbourne Bandstand is another landmark from the town. This bandstand is located beside the sea beach. It was built in 1935 and in current days around 1600 people can enjoy the show at a time. This bandstand hosts concerts through out the year. You could also see the fireworks during the night shows. We've missed that as it was just finished in previous day of our arrival. Check Eastbourne bandstand's website to see what event is currently going on there.

Eastbourne walk

Eastbourne road walk

Walking through the Grand Parade road of is a must thing to do in Eastbourne. This is usually around 45 minutes of walk (but needs more time as you'd spend time around the landmarks). The route is from the landmark Helen Garden to Redoubt Fortress. The walk would be through the road where one side is the vast ocean and other side is the victorian style edifices. During your walk you'd see the Italian Garden, Wish Tower, Eastbourne Bandstand, Eastbourne Pier, and the Redoubt Fortress. We've done the walking during the afternoon and found the Redoubt Fortress was closed. Instead of walking you could also take the Eastbourne sightseeing Hop-on Hop-off bus. This costs 10 pound per person and valid for 24 hours.

Moonlight night

Eastbourne moonlight night

If you are visiting the Eastbourne around the full moon then you are doing the right thing. I'd suggest you to book a hotel having sea view so that you could see the ocean and moon light from your room. Even though if you do not do that you still could go to the beach and enjoy the moon from there. Most of the hotels from Eastbourne are beside the sea beach. That allows the tourist to do the night time activities around the beach. For example we did a short walking around the beach after the dinner.

Breakfast in Eastbourne

Eastbourne breakfast

Although you could take the option of breakfast with your hotel rooms, but you if don't then there are few incredible options around the Eastbourne town for breakfast. We've gone to the one named Simply Patisserie (GPS 50°45'58.5"N, 0°17'03.5"E). We were there around 10am in morning and had an English style breakfast. It was Friday that's why wasn't that much rush.

Lunch in Eastbourne

Eastbourne dinner

Due to a tourist place Eastbourne has plenty of quality restaurants around with different flavors. Also most of the hotels from Eastbourne are having their own restaurants for the guests. You could easily have your lunch there. If you want you could go to other restaurants as well. Most of the restaurants use to remain open from 12pm to 2pm, and then close for a while. If you do not follow that time then after that you might not find your suitable lunch.

Afternoon snacks in Eastbourne

Eastbourne fish and chips

Being a seaside town you could easily expect to have Fish and Chips in Eastbourne. There are other finger food options there as well. We've tried the Fish and Chips from Harry Ramsden's that is famous for Fish and Chips. Also we've tried it from Holiday Inn Fish Restaurant. But we've found the Harry Ramsden's one better. During the afternoon you could have the chips sitting at the beach. Just be watchful about the birds though.

Dinner in Eastbourne

Eastbourne lunch

We've found most of the restaurants use to be closed by round 10:00pm in Eastbourne. There are very few restaurants which use to be open till 11:30pm. We've tried the dinner at Tuk Tuk Indian Street Food one night, and another night we've been at Ashoka. Both were Indian restaurant serving tasty food. Quality of the food were more or less same in both restaurants, but found the Ashoka was a bit pricy. But I recommend both of them. If you go during weekend then I'd suggest you to book the table beforehand.

Where to stay

Hotels from Eastbourne.

We've stayed in the West Rocks Hotel for two nights there. It was nice old style hotel just beside the sea beach. You could look for more hotels at this list of Eastbourne hotels.

Eastbourne beach
Eastbourne beach seen from the pier.

Eastbourne Bandstand
Eastbourne Bandstand during night.

Eastbourne Bandstand
Audience seating area of the Bandstand.

People call this as Carpet garden.

Eastbourne moonlight night
Moon and ocean as viewed from the hotel room.

Eastbourne beach night
Eastbourne beach and the pier during night.

Eastbourne food
One of the many foods we've tried in Eastbourne.

Eastbourne monument
A monument known as War Memorial.

Eastbourne train station
Front view of the Eastbourne train station.

Eastbourne pier
Eastbourne Pier.

Eastbourne pier
At the very end of the Pier, this building has an amusement park.

Eastbourne pier
View towards the city from the Pier.

Eastbourne pier
A walkway around the Eastbourne pier.

Eastbourne pier
Colorful inside of the Amusement park.

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