Best day trips from Dhaka

Being at the center of everything it is really hard to get out from Dhaka for a day tour and return back within the same day. But fortunately there are some fantastic places which are very close to Dhaka, and it is possible to make a single day tour out of it. Depending upon the place it could be from 6 hours to 15 hours of tour. Below are such incredible places close to Dhaka where you could go with your family for a day long tour.

1. Panam city of Sonargaon

Sonargaon, Panam City, the lost town, narayanganj

Sonargaon is is located in Narayanganj district, but it is very close to Dhaka (around 30 kilometers distance) and an ideal place for a quick day trip. If you plan to leave Dhaka in early morning during any weekend days then it would be around 40-60 minutes to reach there. Sonargaon is famous for its lost city named Panam city. You could walk around that small town to search something from history. There is an Art and craft museum near where you could have all the facilities for picnic with family. Read more about Panam city of Sonargaon.

2. Maynamati

Maynamati, Shalban Bihar

Maynamati is another nice place close to Dhaka which is famous for its archaeological value. This site is much more older (more than few thousands year). It takes around 3 hours to reach Maynamati from Dhaka using a bus. Apart from this historical place there are several smaller archaeological sites too. You could visit those if you want. Read more about Maynamati. Also read top things you can do in Comilla if you wanna know more about Comilla district.

3. Baliati Jomidar Bari

Baliati Jomidar Bari, Manikganj

Baliati Jomidar Bari is probably one of the most visited Jamidar bari from Bangladesh. If you have your own car (or if you rent a car) then this is very easy to do a day long trip there from Dhaka. You could go there using a bus too but it would take a bit more time as all the buses leave Dhaka from Gabtoli. This is a pretty big area where you could spend several hours easily. If you go there during winter then you'd expect to see miles after mile of yellow mustard flowers in the field. Read more about Baliati Jomidar Bari.

4. Mohera Jomidar Bari

Mohera Jomidar Bari, Tangail

Mohera Jomidar Bari is one of the properly maintained Jamidar bari from Bangladesh. This is functioning as a police training center but they allow visitor to explore the antiquities. People go there to do picnic, study tour, or as a part of family trip from Dhaka. It takes around 3-4 hours (or more) using a bus from Dhaka. That's why once again a privately own or rented vehicle would be an easier choice to go and come back. Read more about Mohera Jomidar Bari.

5. Heritage tour to Kolakopa


Several decades back there were few prominent Hindu families living in Kolakopa. But those houses are still there scattered around the area. Most of the old buildings are occupied by the government service departments or occupied by private owner. But it is possible to walk around those buildings from far or close proximity. Lot of tourists use to visit Kolakopa during the weekend as it is very close to Dhaka. Read more about the Old buildings from Kolakopa.

6. Day trip to Trimohoni

Trimohoni, Dhaka

If you want to be with a bit of nature and if it is the rainy season then Trimohoni is one of the best places to go from Dhaka. It usually takes around an hour or more to go there as it is very very close. You could do boat riding there during any season. But in rainy season the water of the canal and river would be much more better compare to other season. Instead of day trip you could make an afternoon trip or half day trip from Dhaka. Read more about Day trip to Trimohoni.

7. Rose cultivation at Sadullapur

Sadullapur rose garden, Dhaka

In Bangladesh there are several villages where people do the flower cultivation. But Sadullapur is the one which is most nearest from Dhaka city. It takes only a hour or two to go there depending upon at which part of Dhaka you are. In Sadullapur you could expect to see the fields of red roses. This place is another ideal place for half day trip from Dhaka. Read more about Rose cultivation at Sadullapur.

8. A day trip to Chandpur


Chandpur is a bit far from Dhaka. But using the water vehicles (i.e. ships) it takes around 3.5 to 4 hours to go there. The journey through the river is really awesome. It would help you to see the people doing all the riverside activities. You can take such a ship from Dhaka and then return back to Dhaka using the same one. If you want you could roam around the Chandpur town and take the ship at night to return back Dhaka in next morning. You could taste the fresh Ilish from Chandpur during your trip. Read more about my travel article A day trip to Chandpur.

9. National Martyr's Memorial

National Martyr's Memorial

National Martyr's Memorial (also known as Jatio Smriti Shoudho) is located in Savar of Dhaka. This is a vast organized area where you could go to pay homage to the people who have died during the war 1971. Also the Jahangir Nagar University is close to that place as well. You could make a day trip with both the places. Read more about the National Martyr's Memorial.

10. Murapara Jamidar Bari

Murapara Jamidar Bari is located in Rupganj of Narayanganj district. But this place is very close to Dhaka and there are several ways to go there. I've gone to Rupganj by walking from Dhaka. It should take around an hour to two to go there. This place is just beside the river Sitalakkha. You could have a boat ride in the river before or after visiting Murapara. Read more about Murapara Jamidar Bari.

Where to Stay:

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. Everyday lot of visiting people from around the country and also the foreigners use to live in Dhaka. That's why this city has all quality of hotels (including the bests from the country). If you are living in Dhaka already then it is fine. But if you are visiting Dhaka as a foreigner then check here for the list of hotels from Dhaka.

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