Longest unbroken sea beach - Cox's Bazar

cox's bazar sea beach
A typical long beach in Cox's bazar during afternoon.

Cox's Bazar is the most visited tourist destination from Bangladesh. The main attraction from there is the world's longest unbroken sea beach. Regardless the season everyday lot of tourists use to visit this natural wonder. Most of the visitors are from inside the country, but there are quite a number of visitors come here from outside too. Most of the foreign visitors use to come here during winter. The reason is the winter in Bangladesh is very mild compare to the winter in Europe or other western countries.

cox's bazar sea beach
Cox's bazar beach viewed from a hilltop.

The length of this world's longest sea beach in Cox's bazar is around 120 kilometer long. Most of the visitors come here during the winter as the weather is very nice for traveling (compare to hot summer). The ocean remains calm mostly during the winter. That allows people to jump inside the water and enjoy the beach.

cox's bazar sea beach
Taking photos of our shadow in the Cox's bazar beach.

I've visited the Cox's bazar sea beach 6 times in the year 2008. I wanted to visit the beach in different seasons. Bangladesh has 6 seasons. And I've gone there during all the seasons. I've liked the ambient of the beach during the winter as there were lot of people that time. It was very fun to do the water sports with all together. During the rainy season the number of tourists were very low. I've seen hardly a hundred of people in the beach that time. During the rain it was a different fun in the water. But it is more risky than normal time. During the summer you'd also see low number of tourists in the beach. The sun burns a lot in Cox's bazar beach than any other part of the country. Most of the people gather around the Kolatoli beach or Laboni beach for the sunbath.

cox's bazar sea beach
Observing sunset in Cox's bazar.

Things to do around the beach

There are actually lot of things to do around the Cox's bazar sea beach. During the day time you could rent a chair and sit there as long as you want. This would allow you to sea the ocean in more relaxing way. If you want to jump in the water than rent a tube and float in water with it. You could get inside a speedy boat (or similar) to roam around the beach water. There are small scooters available which you could rent and drive by your own. You'd see horses around the beach which you can ride by hiring them. People are doing parasailing these days too. If you like to do surfing you could do that too for adventures. We do not have any sharks or jelly fishes around our Cox's bazar beach (as far as I know) so no risk at all. If you are not a good swimmer then use a life jacket and don't show any bravado.

cox's bazar sea beach
The beach from the Marine drive road area.

How to go to Cox's bazar

There are several ways to go to Cox's bazar. Fastest way is to use the direct flight between Dhaka and Cox's bazar. It would cost you around 15 thousands Bangladeshi Taka for a single trip. If you use bus then it would be around 8-12 hours of journey depending upon the traffic condition. Best bus services are Green line and Shohag (expensive too). Third option is to use the train from Dhaka to Chittagong and then use a bus from there. But I'd not recommend the third option to go Cox's bazar from Dhaka.

Where to stay in Cox's bazar

List of hotels from Cox's Bazar.

As Cox's bazar is the most busiest tourist destination from Bangladesh, there are numerous hotels around the city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. Here is the list of hotels from Cox's Bazar which are available to book online. During my most visits I've stayed in Hotel Media as the price was reasonable, plus the service was better. During the off season (May to October) the hotels from Cox's bazar provides discount and packages to attract more tourist that time. Most of the discounts are around 40% to 50% off. You could take that chance to reduce your cost.

Also there are few eco resorts available in Cox's bazar (such as Mermaid eco resort). They are located slightly far from the city crowd. They have a nice environment there as well with private beach. Enjoying a day or two with family on such resorts would be a nice experience.

Where to eat in Cox's bazar

food from cox's bazar
Delicious food from a restaurant of Cox's bazar.

Cox's bazar is a nice place to taste the sea fishes from Bangladesh. You'd find plenty of restaurants from the town which are serving Pomfret, Koral, Lobsters, and many other sea fishes. Those are really tasty and mouth watering. I've tried the restaurants like Niribili, Dhanshiri, Poushi, etc from Cox's bazar. To me the food from all of those restaurants tasted more or less same. Compare to price the Poushi was a bit cheaper.

Cox's Bazar sea beach,
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June 2008