Best things to do in Cox's bazar

cox's bazar boats

Cox's bazar is the southern most district from Bangladesh. Being near the Bay area lot of people depends upon fishing in the vast ocean. This district is blessed with the world's longest continuous beach from the world. It has the country's most beautiful island. Lot of tourists travel here every year. During the long weekend or long holidays (i.e. Eid festival) lot of Bangladeshi tourists use to gather here. For all the visitors there are quite a number of activities to do around the district.

1. Longest unbroken beach in the world

cox's bazar sea beach

The length of this world's longest sea beach in Cox's bazar is around 120 kilometer long. Most of the visitors come here during the winter as the weather is very nice for traveling. You can have sunbath in the beach, doing surfing in the water, playing with the water, and many more things. Read more about Cox's bazar beach.

2. Blue water in St Martin's Island

St Martin's Island, Bangladesh

St Martin's Island is the most beautiful island from Bangladesh which is located in Cox's bazar district. This is the only coral island from Bangladesh. Local name of the island is Narkel Jinjira which means the island of coconut. Being a coral island the water surrounded by are having blue color. Lot of tourists use to pay a visit to this island during winter (December to February). Read more about St Martin's Island.

3. Maheshkhali island

A day in Moheshkhali Island - Cox'sbazar

Maheshkhali is another island from Cox's bazar district. This large island is very near from the main Cox's bazar town. You could visit there to roam around the small hillocks. Few Buddhists and Hindu temple are there too. It would be a nice place for half day tour around the island. Read more about the attractions from Maheshkhali.

4. Dulhazra safari park

Dulahazra safari park - Cox'sBazar

Dulahazra safari park is located in Chakaria of Cox's bazar district. Which is also known as Dulhazara or Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park. It's around an hour of road journey from main town of Cox's bazar. Main attractions from the safari park are the Black bears, Peacocks, Crocodile, Wild elephant, Hippopotamus, Tiger, Lion, Python, etc. It would be a nice experience to go for something different (if you are bored with sea beach). Read more about Dulhazra safari park.

5. Buddhist temple in Ramu

Buddhist Temple in Ramu - Cox's Bazar

Ramu is a village in Ramu Upazila of Cox's Bazar district. You'd find quite a few buddhist temple around that area. Amongst those the Rangkut Bonasram Buddha Bihar is the most famous and visited one. This Buddhist temple is just around 14-20 kilometers from the main town of Cox's Bazar. If you have a plan to spend more than couple of days in Cox's Bazar then this place is nice one to explore. Read more about Buddhist temple in Ramu.

6. Prestine Inani beach

Inani Beach, Cox's Bazar

Inani beach is another attractive tourist spot from the Cox's Bazar district. This beautiful beach is located in the Ukhia Upazila of Cox's Bazar district. It is around 25 kilometer drive from Cox's Bazar to Inani beach. This beach has lot of corals which makes the water much clearer than Cox's Bazar sea beaches. The length of the beach is around 18 kilometer. Read more about Inani Beach.

How to go to Cox's bazar

There are several ways to go to Cox's bazar. Fastest way is to use the direct flight between Dhaka and Cox's bazar. It would cost you around 15 thousands Bangladeshi Taka for a single trip. If you use bus then it would be around 8-12 hours of journey depending upon the traffic condition. Best bus services are Green line and Shohag (expensive too). Third option is to use the train from Dhaka to Chittagong and then use a bus from there. But I'd not recommend the third option to go Cox's bazar from Dhaka.

Where to stay in Cox's bazar

List of hotels from Cox's Bazar.

As Cox's bazar is the most busiest tourist destination from Bangladesh, there are numerous hotels around the city which can accommodate hundreds of thousands of visitors. Here is the list of hotels from Cox's Bazar which are available to book online. During my most visits I've stayed in Hotel Media as the price was reasonable, plus the service was better. During the off season (May to October) the hotels from Cox's bazar provides discount and packages to attract more tourist that time. Most of the discounts are around 40% to 50% off. You could take that chance to reduce your cost.

Also there are few eco resorts available in Cox's bazar (such as Mermaid eco resort). They are located slightly far from the city crowd. They have a nice environment there as well with private beach. Enjoying a day or two with family on such resorts would be a nice experience.

Where to eat in Cox's bazar

food from cox's bazar

Cox's bazar is a nice place to taste the sea fishes from Bangladesh. You'd find plenty of restaurants from the town which are serving Pomfret, Koral, Lobsters, and many other sea fishes. Those are really tasty and mouth watering. I've tried the restaurants like Niribili, Dhanshiri, Poushi, etc from Cox's bazar. To me the food from all of those restaurants tasted more or less same. Compare to price the Poushi was a bit cheaper.

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