Causeway coastal walk to Dunseverick

Causeway coastal way walk is a nice fun walking through the beautiful coastal line near Giant's causeway in Northern Ireland. After visiting the Giant's causeway lot of tourists use to come back (some are part of day trip and running out of time, some are not interested to explore more). But the coastal route after the Giant's causeway is really beautiful and picturesque.

Yesterday we had to finish our walk at White park bay due to lack of daylight. So today we wanted to walk till White park bay. But the walking was very long and the scenery around the coastline were very attractive that it was really difficult to walk with a good pace. In several places we had to give a pause as it would be injustice if we didn't. That's why we couldn't cover the route as we've planned. May be next time we'll do that.

The cliff near the coastline was in different shapes. It was vast and long. Despite of gloomy weather the landscape view of those cliffs were nonetheless beautiful. We've enjoyed every bit of the meandering trail during the coastal walk. The cliffs were looked like holding by the basalt columns at the edge of the cliffs. Most of the cases they are very much visible.

In some places the small rocks in water were giving a shape of an imaginary creatures. Although most of those are inaccessible. On side of the trail was the vast ocean whereas the other side was green farms. You'd be able to see plenty of ships during your walking. Although those are privately owned property and you can not go inside.

The last bus to Coleraine was around at 3:30pm of the day, until the next one at 6:00pm. We had a hurry to catch that one as we had to return back to the Belfast before 8:00pm of the night to catch the bus for Dublin. We were running in trail at one stage. Cause we didn't want to be stranded there. That's why we had to observe the Dunseverick castle very hastily. Although it was barely a castle (looks like a small hut). But the surrounding area was very nice. It was a pity that we had to leave very early.

Hotels near Bushmills.

It looks like the basalt columns are holding the cliff.

The chimney rocks from other side.

The whole causeway coastal route was having this type of cliff.

And the cliffs were having lot of varieties to eradicate your monotonous.

Beneath the cliff it was even more beautiful. Alas it wasn't possible to go there!

The red color looks like the boiling lava.

This rock looks like a dragon head with the small array of rocks at top.

Closer look towards the rocks.

Closer look towards the lava like objects.

Once again the colorful rocks.

Another example at where the basalt columns are holding the cliff.

A beautiful view from the trail.

This place was like a horseshoe pool in ocean.

Closer look to the pool.

Sun was playing hide and seek most of the day and giving the landscapes a mysterious view.

This photo doesn't tell how much windy the place was and also how much deep it was.

It was one of the most beautiful place during the walk. Wish I could go there!

Array of cliffs ending near at White bay park (at far sight).

The red house visible at far is basically a B&B hostel. It is accessible through kayak only.

Another picturesque view during our coastal walk.

Remnant of the Dunseverick castle.

Remnant of the Dunseverick castle.

This is one example of how the trail was during coastal walk.

The ocean was also beautiful, specially when the sun was out.

Other side was the plain farmlands, but privately owned.

Few plants from the coastal walk was interesting like this one.

Ship was a very common scene during the walking.

The bus stoppage near at Dunseverick castle. We were waiting for bus no. 402.

And of course it was always green.

This was the last article of our Northern Ireland tour during 2017. Before that coastal route walk we've explored the Giant's causeway.

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Monday, 30 October 2017