Top tourist attractions from Moulvibazar

Lawachara rain forest in Moulovibazar

Moulvibazar (also written as Moulovibazar) is a district from Sylhet division in Bangladesh. And its popular tourist destination is the Sreemangal. Lot of tourists use to visit this Sreemangal throughout the year (mostly during winter). This is known as the capital of tea in Bangladesh as they have a vast land of tea gardens and produces some finest tea in world. Also the Sreemangal is known for the highest rainfall area in Bangladesh. May be this one of the reason for this town to be such green. There are lot of activites can be done in Moulvibazar district. Below is the compilation of popular tourist activities and destinations from Sreemangal and Moulvibazar district (which I've visited).

1. Beauty of Lawachara Rain Forest

Lawachara rain forest (also known as Lawachara national park) that is located in Kamalganj of Moulvibazar district in Bangladesh. This vast forest is a nice location for a day trip with family. This national park has around 460 species, and 167 of them are plants, and 246 of them are birds. Total area of the forest is around 2700 hectares. It is possible to spend a whole day inside this forest (by doing trekking or birdwatching). Best time to visit is Winter or Spring. Rainy season would be most beautiful but you have to encounter leeches that time. Read more about Lawachara Rain Forest.

2. Exploring tea gardens from Sreemangal

Sreemangal is known as the Tea capital in Bangladesh. No matter where you go you'd see tea plantation everywhere. One of the finest tea of the world comes from this Sreemangal. There are few rent-a-bike shop which let people to rent bicycle from for a day. You can use those bikes and then explore the tea gardens. During the rainy season the tree leafs will be very green. So I'd recommend everyone to go there during rainy season.

3. Madhabkunda Waterfall

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Madhabkunda waterfall is the most popular tourist spot in terms of waterfall, and a popular tourist destination from Moulvibazar district. This is located inside the Madhabkunda eco park. There is a food court available there so no worry about lunch. This waterfall is most beautiful during rainy season (July-August). Read more about Madhabkunda Waterfall.

4. Tranquil Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur lake - Moulovibazar

Madhabpur lake is a big lake that is surrounded by small hills and tea gardens. This is located inside the Madhabpur tea estate of Kamalganj in Moulvibzar district. So during this trip you'd be able to explore the tea gardens as well. To get everything green try to visit the lake during Rainy season or Autumn (which is July - October). Read more about Madhabpur Lake.

5. Migratory Birds in Baikka Beel

Baikka beel - Srimangal

Baikka beel is a large water body located in Sreemangal of Moulvibazar district. During the winter lot of migratory birds use to visit in Bangladesh. This Baikka beel is a hideout for those birds. Plenty of different types of bird use to come here. Their number is vast and the area is always noisy with the chirping and flapping of the birds. You can visit the area during other season well. But you wouldn't see any bird. So best time is winter. Read more about Baikka Beel.

6. Seasonal Waterfall Porikunda

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar

Porikunda is a seasonal waterfall from Moulvibazar district. This is not that much popular amongst the tourist as they do not know much about this waterfall. But this beautiful waterfall is just few minutes of walking distance from the Madhabkunda Waterfall. This waterfall is only available during rainy season. So if you are visiting Moulvibazar during rainy season then do not miss this. Read more about Porikunda Waterfall.

7. Day Trip to Hum Hum Waterfall

Hum Hum waterfall is slightly a remote waterfall which is located inside the Rajkandi reserve forest of Moulvibazar district. This is a nice location for the tourists to do a day trip that covers trekking beside water stream, forest, and slightly hilly area. The trekking is not that much stressful, that's why lot of tourists use to visit this waterfall during weekends. Read more about Hum Hum Waterfall.

8. Seven Layer Tea

7 layer tea. Photo taken from wikipedia.

Seven layer tea is a must for the tourists to taste. I personally do not like tea so I've never been able to taste the tea from there. This is basically the tea having 7 layers showing different colors. This because the tea has different concentration and ingredient in different layers. It is easy to say but needs to be a master to do so. Romesh Ram Gour is the inventor of this tea. To taste the tea you have to go to Nilkantha Tea Cabin. Ask anyone from the town and they would guide you.

How to go

Moulvibazar district is very near from Dhaka. Every day several bus operators provide day and night time service. Bus goes to both Moulvibazar and Sreemangal. And with no traffic it takes around 3.5 hours to reach there. Also there is several train services that goes to Sylhet but they give stoppage at Sreemangal town. So you can use those as well.For the bus you can get them from Fokirapool, Dhaka. And train is obviously from Komlapur train station.

Where to Stay

List of hotels from Sreemangal.

Sreemangal is a popular tourist destination from Bangladesh. That's why this town has better facility compare to Moulvibazar district town itself. Also it is more convenient for the tourists to stay in Sreemangal and explore the nearby area as most of them are near from there. Also it is possible to make a day trip by traveling from Sylhet. That's why lot of tourist stay in Sylhet as they have plenty of luxurious hotels. Check here for list of hotels from Sylhet and list of hotels from Sreemangal.

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