Porikunda waterfall in Moulvibazar

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar

Porikunda waterfall (also known as Porikundo waterfall) is a hidden gem from Moulvibazar district. This seasonal waterfall is just a few hundreds meters apart from the Madhabkunda waterfall. But due to lack of information lot of people miss the beauty of this waterfall. Being a seasonal waterfall this waterfall can be seen only during rainy season. Rest of the season it would be dry end empty.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar

Bangladesh is blessed with rain by the courtesy of monsoon. We use to have plenty of rain during rainy season (usually July-August) and that time most of the waterfalls from Bangladesh get their youth. Some of the seasonal waterfalls flourishes with the water. This Porikunda waterfall is one them. This waterfall is located inside the Madhabkunda eco park.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
Initially I thought this narrow path would lead me to the Porikunda waterfall. But it wasn't.

There is a narrow water stream that joins the main stream of the Madhabkunda waterfall. If anyone keeps walking for 5 minutes through that narrow stream they would encounter the Porikunda waterfall. I've gone there during summer first time but didn't find the waterfall. That's why during rainy season didn't want to miss the chance.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
This narrow water stream from Porikunda waterfall is falling into the main stream of Madhabkunda waterfall.

The water stream is not muddy or slippery. It is very easy to walk on that. Also it is not deep at all. It should be an easy walking through the greens during rainy season. During my visit I've had a bath under the waterfall. That time there were a group of 5 people who came to visit the waterfall. We did lot of fun all together.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
The path is not slippery at all due to the rock bed under water.

How to Go:

If you are using a hired private vehicle then you are ok. The driver would be your guide throughout the way. If you are driving your own car then ask local people. People from this part of Bangladesh are very friendly. If you are using public transport for the travel then you are on the same boat of mine. From Sylhet there is an hourly bus service runs between Borolekha and Sylhet. The bus departs from the Old bus station of Sylhet town (Upashar Bas Terminal). Take one of those and it takes around 2 hours to reach at Borolekha. Once you are in Borolekha then take an auto rickshaw which would drop you at the gate of the Madhabkunda eco park. It takes around 40 minutes from there. GPS coordinate of the Porikunda waterfall is (24°38'12.2"N, 92°13'32.4"E).

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
First view of the Porikunda waterfall.

Entree fee:

Porikunda waterfall is inside the Madhabkunda eco park. That's why it takes an entree fee to enter inside the park. May be the ticket price is around 10 Taka per person.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
It was a short walking but having variety like this.

Where to stay:

As far my knowledge tourists do not stay in Borolekha during their visit. As they come through Sylhet that's why they mostly prefer to stay in Sylhet town. People make it a day trip to visit the waterfall and then go back to Sylhet. Check here for list of hotels from Sylhet.

List of hotels from Sylhet


1. Do not distrub the nature and do not litter.
2. It is always risky to go under waterfall as stone may fall. So be careful to do so.
3. Keep a raincoat or umbrella with you if you are a rainy season visitor.
4. There is a food court around the waterfall area. You can have your lunch there.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
Getting closer to the waterfall.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
The water from the waterfall flowing away from me.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
Base of the Porikunda waterfall.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
Top part of the waterfall.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar
Photo of the waterfall from the bottom. Splashing from the waterfall was dropping on my camera lens.

Porikunda waterfall - Moulvibazar

Porikunda waterfall,
Madhabkunda eco park,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (24°38'12.2"N, 92°13'32.4"E).

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Saturday, 24th July 2010