A day trip for Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Madhabkunda waterfall is the most popular tourist spot in terms of waterfall. The reason for this is, it is very easy to access. You can reach near the waterfall area with a very little effort. Also the communication and accommodation near the waterfall is not a problem at all. Besides during mid 90s there were plenty of drama in the national television of Bangladesh which featured this Madhabkunda waterfall. And thus people knew more about the waterfall and wanted to visit this.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

I've visited the Madhabkunda waterfall twice. My first time was sadly during summer. I've gone there with a group of my friends. Not only the weather was very hot but also the waterfall was dried out. Only few drops of water were coming from the waterfall. And also the surroundings nature were grey (plants died and also because of dust). That's why I never recommend anyone to visit Madhabkunda waterfall during dry season, specially the summer.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

As I was disappointed during summer, I've decided to go there again rainy season. The water was full with water. Surrounding tea gardens and nature were very very green. Everything was very lively. The stream from the waterfall was beautiful as well. It appears as if the Madhabkunda waterfall got the youth with the rainy season. I had a plan to take a bath with the water from waterfall. But the water was so heavy that the authority refrained everyone to go near the waterfall.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

I've used the public transport all the way through for this trip. I took an auto rickshaw from the Borolekha bazar that dropped me in front of the park gate. The road was green this time as the tea leafs replenished their color with the water from rain. Also the walk from the entrance to the waterfall wasn't boring at all. I've enjoyed the green very much. If anyone interested can have a sneak around the tea gardens after visiting the Madhabkunda waterfall.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Although the summer is a boring time to visit the waterfall, but it has at least one advantage. You can climb to the top of the waterfall and experience how a waterfall looks from top. Everything atop of the waterfall is a stony area. It can be a bit of slippery and risky. So think twice to do so.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

How to Go:

If you are using a hired private vehicle then you are ok. The driver would be your guide throughout the way. If you are driving your own car then ask local people. People from this part of Bangladesh are very friendly. If you are using public transport for the travel then you are on the same boat of mine. From Sylhet there is an hourly bus service runs between Borolekha and Sylhet. The bus departs from the Old bus station of Sylhet town (Upashar Bas Terminal). Take one of those and it takes around 2 hours to reach at Borolekha. Once you are in Borolekha then take an auto rickshaw which would drop you at the gate of the waterfall (they call it eco park). It takes around 40 minutes from there. GPS coordinate of the Madhabkunda waterfall is (24°38'25.2"N, 92°13'41.4"E).

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Entree fee:

Madhabkunda waterfall is inside the Madhabkunda eco park. And it takes an entree fee to enter inside the park. I don't know how much the ticket costs these days but it was around 10 Taka per person for my case.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar
Heavy water pounding at the bottom of the waterfall.

Where to stay:

As far my knowledge tourists do not stay in Borolekha during their Madhabkunda waterfall visit. As they come through Sylhet that's why they mostly prefer to stay in Sylhet town. People make it a day trip to visit the waterfall and then go back to Sylhet. Check here for list of hotels from Sylhet.

List of hotels from Sylhet


1. Do not distrub the nature and do not litter.
2. Do not go near the waterfall during rainy season. Large stones use to come with water that time.
3. Keep a raincoat or umbrella with you if you are a rainy season visitor.
4. There is a food court around the waterfall area. You can have your lunch there.

Water stream coming from the waterfall.

Water stream coming from the waterfall.

To reach near the waterfall you have to walk through this beautiful road.

Green tea garden near the waterfall area.

Water stream during summer.

Water stream during rainy season.

Water stream during rainy season.

Lot of people have gathered near the waterfall due to weekend.

View of the waterfall area from top.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet
Madhabkunda waterfall during dry season.

madhabkunda falls, sylhet
From the top of the Madhabkunda waterfall.

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar

Madhabkunda waterfall - Moulovibazar
Madhabkunda waterfall during rainy season.

Madhabkunda waterfall,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate (24°38'25.2"N, 92°13'41.4"E).

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  1. You are not allowed to go to the top of the waterfall anymore.


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