Top attractions from Chittagong district

Chittagong is situated beside the Bay of Bengal, and comprises with hills. Karnafuli is the main river from the district. It is one of the prominent target for the travelers. People from Chittagong are very fond of spices, so you can taste few from there during your staying. Another interesting thing is their language as they use a different dialect. That is a bit hard to understand. But if you try, you can grasp that, nothing is invincible. There are so many things to do in Chittagong and I done few of those. Here are few best things you could do during your Chittagong trip.

Once upon a time Chittagong was the largest division from Bangladesh. Not sure what is the status right now. Just like the division, the district Chittagong is still one of the largest districts from Bangladesh. After Dhaka this is the largest city in Bangladesh. This city has nearly almost all the facilities of Dhaka. Being a business hub this district has plenty of high quality hotels. And communication between Dhaka-Chittagong is up to the mark (as they are connected through plane, train, and bus).

1. World War II Cemetery

war cemetery, chittagong, bangladesh

Bangladesh has two cemeteries of the world war II. One is at Chittagong, and another one is at Comilla. Both of those are monitored and governed by the Commonwealth Grave Commission. The Cemetery is open from morning 7:00am to noon 12:00pm, and from afternoon 2:00pm to 5:00pm. If you are in Chittagong then this is one should be in top of your list. Read more about World War II Cemetery.

2. Patharghata Catholic Church

Patharghata Catholic Church

Patharghata Chatholic Church is also known as Portuguese Catholic Church. This is situated at Patharghata, Chittagong. This church was established around 500/600 years back. If you are a fan of edifice and old structures then this place is must for you. Read more about Patharghata Catholic Church.

3. Mohamaya Project in Mirsarai

Mohamaya Project in Mirsarai - Chittagong

Mohamaya project is a water dam made by blocking the flow of water stream. This was built for irrigation purpose. It is located at the Mirsarai. The lake is very big and nice place to spend a day with boat riding and other activities. Read more about Mohamaya Project in Mirsarai.

4. Sitakunda eco park

Sitakunda eco park - Chittagong

Suptadhara waterfall in Sitakunda

Shahasradhara waterfall in Sitakunda

Sitakunda eco-park is located in Sitakunda. You can do mini trekking there. It is a small hillock where you can find two beautiful waterfalls. One is Suptadhara and other one is Shahasradhara. You can visit the eco park all around the year. But if you want to visit the waterfalls then rainy season would be the best. Sitakunda is a must visit place from Chittagong as it is very easy to access. Read more about Sitakunda eco park.

5. Foy's lake & Sea world

Foys lake chittagong

Foy's lake is located at Chittagong. It was created in 1924. It was made using a stream to reserve water so that near by people could access it. This area is managed by the private organization. You can find there an amusement park. Also the Sea world of the lake area is really nice. There is a zoo near the lake as well. Read more about Foy's lake & Sea world.

6. Khoiyachhora Waterfall

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong

Exploring the waterfalls is another best thing to do in Chittagong. Khoiyachhora waterfall is one of those. Khoiyachhora is an easy to access waterfall that is located at Mirsarai of Chittagong district. Being easy it is a very popular destination amongst the tourists. Anyone can make a day trip for the waterfall and can enjoy their time around the nature. Best time to visit the waterfall during the rainy season which would be July-August in Bangladesh. Read more about Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

7. Chhoto darogar hat Waterfall

Chhoto darogar hat waterfall is not a very big waterfall. It doesn't have that much flow in it. Only a single drop and very thin. This is located at Sitakunda. Similar to other waterfalls from Chittagong this one is also very easy to access. It requires a mini trekking but that goes through a flatland. Read more about Chhoto darogar hat Waterfall.

8. Chandanpura Mosque

Chandanpura Mosque - Chittagong

Chandanpura Mosque is an attractive multiple domed mosque. This is situated just beside the Shiraj Ud Dowla Road, which is at the old part of the Chittagong. If you like old edifice and architecture then this one is for you. Read more about Chandanpura Mosque.

9. River Karnafuli

Karnafuli river

Chittagong is blessed with the famous river Karnafuli. It has the vast ocean beside of it. And of course the hills of Chittagong are very picturesque. As a part of our Chittagong tour you shouldn't miss the beauty of the river as it is another must thing to explore. You can see the river from the town or from the hills. But from outside the town it would be more beautiful. See more photos of the River Karnafuli.

10. A journey by train from Sitakunda to Chittagong

A train approaching with its light during the dark.

After enjoying a whole day at Sitakunda eco park we've returned back to the Chittagong town using local train. We wanted to save some cost, as well as wanted to do some experience with local train after a long time. You could read more about A journey by train from Sitakunda to Chittagong if you have time.

11. Dinner at Driver Hotel

Driver Hotel in Mirsarai

Chittagong is famous for its spicy foods. It has plenty of traditional restaurants to satisfy your tongue. I've gone to many of them. From them I've liked the one named Driver hotel. This hotel is mainly for the truck drivers who uses to drive between Dhaka-Chittagong highway. Read more about Dinner at Driver Hotel.

Where to Stay:

Since Chittagong is a the second mega city from Bangladesh, and also the port city of Bangladesh, it has several quality hotels around the town. According to your financial strength, you can pick your one. Most of the high quality hotels are around the GEC of the town. Those hotels will be a bit costly for you. For example a double shared room will be around 2500-5000. Check this link for List of Hotels from Chittagong.

If you want a much cheaper hotel from the around, I'd suggest you the Hotel Golden Inn (425 Taka for single bed room, 1100 for triple bed room). This is located near at Old Railway Station. 8-10 Taka local bus distance, Or 25-40 Taka CNG distance from the main town. The room costs are pretty lower here. All the costs are subject to year 2010.

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