Fun in Bull Island - Dublin

Bull Island - Dublin

Bull island is a nice little island at the north side of Dublin city with having a length of 5 kilometer and width 800 meter. It takes around 15 minutes by public bus from the city. Being so close to the city it attracts many visitors for a wide range of activities such as flying kites, kayaking, surfing, bird watching, jogging, family picnic, and sight seeing. This island is the national nature reserve and a bird sanctuary too. It is also known as North Bull Island.

Bull Island - Dublin

This Bull island is ideal for afternoon sight seeing during summer when the day is very long, or at weekends during shorter day lengths. During the summer the water is still very cold, but lot of ehnthusiastics go there to have a swim at the ocean. There are several bath shelters (separate for male and female, and also combined) according to the choice of the visitors.

Bull Island - Dublin

I usually go to Bull island when I don't have anything to do during weekend, and feels like to see ocean. Also I go there for bird watching. Although I didn't see a wide ranged collection of birds there. The island is a nice place to watch the Light bellied brent goose, Curlew, Redshank, and few more. Northern part of the island is suitable for these birds compare to the southern part (as more tourists here).

Bull Island - Dublin
Wooden bridge is viewed from the St anne's park.

I usually leave the bus at Dollymount (where the wooden bridge is located). From there I use to walk over the wooden bridge (that connects the island with the mainland). Before going into the island you can have a walk beside the main road. The walking path is very wide there, and during the high tide the scenery is very beautiful there.

Bull Island - Dublin
The ocean is full with water during high tide.

The wooden bridge is very nice. The water level gets nearly closer to the bridge during high tide. Although that part is not very deep, but the water looks very deep there. The area on the left side is a nice place for the kayakers. I always see them practicing kayaking there. The bridge is not that much long, but walking over a wooden bridge during this modern era is a nice feeling from my understanding.

Bull Island - Dublin
St Anne's park is very near from Bull island. You can have a walk there as well.

It takes around good 10-15 minutes of walk to reach at the beach from the bridge. But during the walk you'd see several bath shelters there. If you are planning to have a swim in ocean then those places are for you. I use to do this thing during summer. Besides the stairs near the shelter area is also a nice place for sitting. Also beside the road there are plenty of benches so that a visitor can sit there and watch the bay. Instead of going to the beach I prefer to sit on those benches or stairs. Cause I don't wanna get my shoes sandy from beach. Watching the beach from far should do for me.

Bull Island - Dublin
The wooden bridge that connects the Bull island with mainland from this side.

There are always some activities around the beach. People do some kiting during a good windy day. Those kites are in different sizes and shapes. I've seen one guy playing his violin at the beach. People do surfing at the water, although the current is very polite at the beach. During the high tide the beach looks more beautiful compare to low tide. Cause during low tide the water is very far from the main beach, one need to walk a mile to reach at a foot depth water.

Bull Island - Dublin
View towards the Dollymount village from the bridge.

The Bull island is not a place that can beat other tourists attractions, rather it is a place when you don't have anything to do but have few hours to spend. That's why international tourists use to visit here during afternoon (at summer). Otherwise most of the people are here local from Dublin. There are good few restaurants at the Dollymount. I like the one named Kinara, an Asian restaurant.

The view towards the Howth from the bridge.

How to go to Bull island:

The bus 130 from Abbey street runes in ever 20 minutes. You can take that bus which should drop you at Dolloymount seaview point by 15 minutes. Last five minutes the bus goes beside the shoreline. If you are visiting there during high tide then don't forget to seat at the upper deck of the bus. It will help you to enjoy the view of coastline.

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You have to walk through this beautiful road for a while to reach to the beach.

Bathing shelters in Bull island facing towards the Dublin city. You can have a sit here

A facility for the visitors. They can relax here.

I like this road, straight, simple, but beautiful.

Star of the sea statue. Wasn't that many visitors that time.

Star of the sea statue.

Few visitors on this particular day.

The beach! from Bull island.

Beach from Bull island.

A road goes to the lighthouse.

This road gets under water during high tide.

The road has gone under water.

Another light house. Together these two lighthouses form the gate of Dublin.

An Irish Ferries departing.

An Irish Ferries arriving at Dublin.

Low tide time started. That's why the water is going away.

On that particular day it was very windy, and suddenly it became slightly stormy. The waves suggesting how strong the wind was.

It was very difficult to stand there with an umbrella. I was sitting beneath the wall nearby to avoid wind.

A rainbow after the rain.

A guy in a mood of surfing.

A guy playing with his violin.

These two kids are practicing kayaking

Someone is flying a colorful kite.

The kite was making some colorful patterns in sky.

Even the sun under cloud decided to display some spectrums?

Few more kites in sky. These are bigger.

A nice landscape with the grasses and flowers from the island..

Gorse flower (Ulex europaeus).

Some wild flower from the road.

You wouldn't like the beach during low tide. This is how it looks like that time.

Bull island beach during low tide.

Water level got low during low tide. Which created a narrow canal. The bank is full with shells.

Closer look to the shells.

A Curlew bird.

An Oyster catcher bird.

Light bellied brent goose.

These gregarious birds are very interesting. They wait for the waves to go and then picks the aquatic insects.

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