Ballintoy to White Park Bay walk.

Ballintoy harbour is an excellent place and you'd never want to leave the place. But the clock was ticking. The Daylight saving clock-shifting just activated from today. So we were practically one hour short from usual time. And near the hilly area the sunlight gets poor even early. That's why we had to leave that beautiful place to move forward.

The next destination was the White park bay. There suppose to be a coastal route around for the walkers. But we've missed that to pick. Instead we started walking beside the bay. The walking was beside the nice highlands and random boulders of stone around (in land and in water). But was alway confused whether we were on the correct course or not. Cause we had to go back and circumvent on long route if we were mistaken. So we were both tensed and excited at the same time.

The overall area was very nice. It was a green grassy area that gave a feeling like walking over green carpet. Left side was the typical Irish highland and the right side was the ocean with plenty of rocks. There were a hollow in the rocks (like a cave). We have given a pause there to take picture. I think 100% visitors were doing the same there.

There were plenty of small rock boulders (or hills) popped out from the ground. Most of them were covered with green. Looks like those hills are slightly far from the ocean. That's why they were clean from the salty water and the grass could grow over them to make them even more beautiful. It was really hard to pass by them very quickly. They deserve more attention, but we didn't have time unfortunately. There were few visitors around who would return back from there. They were spending more time with them. I was feeling jealous on them.

I thought it would be a cave. It is just a small hole there. But people do a photoshoot here.

At one point the grassy path was having water patch underneath. It was really difficult to cross over them. At that point I was really confused whether we are on correct path or not. Besides we didn't see anyone around us. It was very empty there. But we've kept ourself going forward, and found a couple were exploring ahead of us (later found they were also on the same route of ours).

Same goes for this hole in rock as well.

Grasses are the great hideout place for the rabbits. We have seen plenty of small rabbits jumping around us. Initially I thought it was only one or two. But latter found plenty of them and stopped counting. I've never seen so many wild rabbits at the same time before.

This area was nice. We could have explored the area if we had enough time.

At the end of the walking path there were an Elephant shaped rocks in water. It was very nice to encounter that during the walking. The area was also nice. It was having plenty of small rocks in water with very light wave. And the noise of the ocean was very quiet that time. This type of places are good location for birdwatching. But unfortunately didn't see too many, only few seagulls.

A Lonenly rock in water.

At one place we could able to see the White park bay. But in between us was a risky narrow path. And that narrow path was even slowly going under water due to uprising high tide. The path was very slippery due to the wet stones. Also the seaweeds were wrapping those stones as well. At some places it was like the bed of seaweeds over the stones. We had no other options but to go over them.

Not sure, probably these rocks were formed millions of year back due to volcanic eruption.

We were moving very slowly and carefully. There were a couple behind us who were unsure. But as it was the only option, they have also started following us without wasting time. The thing is that if anyone want to walk over the water then it is not that much difficult. But the problem is due to the cold no one would like to wet their shoes and pants. Besides you don't know what you have under the water, and the wave from ocean can displace you either.

Display of water was not that strong compare to Ballintoy Harbour.

When we've crossed that area and reached at the other side. We were very delighted and relieved. It was the White Park Bay beach. A very very white waves crashing on the beach.

There were plenty of rocks like this around.

Left side of us was this highland, and right side was the rocky ocean.

A father was taking photo of his kids with the cave.

This cave was a nice place. All the visitors were taking their photo with this cave.

I've seen this kind of view in movies before. Glad that I am seeing them in real now!

A lovely view towards Ballintoy. Looks like we've crossed a fair amount. But still plenty of way had to go.

Another picturesque view of highland. It was really hard to leave these places without paying to much attention.

As always the rocks are at right side in ocean.

This rocks look similar to the peek of below photo.

Looks like these rocks are placed slightly far from the ocean and the earth is taking control over them by growing grasses.

Another beautiful view. We were walking over the soft grasses (having slightly water under the grasses).

This was our walking route. We've seen plenty of rabbits jumping and hiding around.

Few people were exploring this beautiful landscape. But we didn't have enough time in hand.

Does it look like an Elephant?

It is an Elephant!

Elephant rock near White park bay.

There were plenty of rocks in different shapes and sizes.

I think there might be another way (real causeway route) over the rocks.

A beautiful shaped rock in water. Backdrop is the White park bay.

This place was beautiful. Also the hills were not hiding the sunlight which added an extra beauty.

Looking at the Elephant rock for the last time.

This was a scary part. From there it was the only way to to the White park bay. But the tiny path was going down water due to uprising high tide. Only a few portion was remaining. Was very very slippery due to the wet seaweeds over stones.

Before crossing that dangerous path lets enjoy some scenic beauty.

Summer would have been a nice time to visit here as the day is very long.

This place was empty. Only that couple with us. They were also unsure what to do. But later they have followed us.

This is the place I was talking about. High tide will put the rocks under water to disconnect the White park bay with us for a while.

These black rocks were slippery. Had to walk over them very carefully.

These seaweeds were very very slippery. Had to be very careful.

Finally we have reached at the other side. It was a relief. Otherwise had to walk a very very long way.

This traveling article is the continuation after Ballintoy Harbour. And from here we've moved to the White Park Bay beach.

Ballintoy to White Park Bay walk,
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