St Mary's Cathedral - Edinburgh

St Mary's Cathedral is a very big cathedral from Edinburgh city. I didn't have any plan to visit this place before going there. But from the bus (returning from Edinburgh Zoo visit) I've seen the towers of the cathedral from far. I could able to see those towers from very far and it made me curious. Eventually later our bus went beside the cathedral and our hotel was very near from this place. After having a quick checkin and a short rest I've gone to this place for a visit.

This cathedral was established during 19th century having a Victorian Gothic architecture. This is probably the largest cathedral of Scotland. But still not too many people visit this as Edinburgh has plenty of other places to discover. It arranges the prayer (or Choral worship) several times a day. I am not sure but probably the visitors are allowed to go inside when it is open.

The lamp post indicates to the availability of the sun light.

I've reached there when it was already closed. But anyone can explore the massive edifice complex from outside as well. I had a walk around the complex. I've liked the design of the main entrance very most. It was huge and nicely decorated. I've seen there were few other tourists moving around. It would have been nice if I could go inside. If you visit this place let me know how it looks from inside!

How to Go:

St Mary's Cathedral is located at the heart of the Edinburgh city. This is located at the Palmerston Pl which is a walking distance from the Haymarket. I've pointed the Cathedral in google map at below. You can use either bus or tram to go nearby before having a walk.

Where to stay:

There are plenty of hotels in Edinburgh city ranging from budget to expensive. This tourist city can hold all type of travelers. We've stayed at the Leonardo Royal Hotel Edinburgh which was a 5 minutes of walking distance from the St Mary's Cathedral. See here for list of Hotels from Edinburgh.

As it says about it in the signboard.

Where to eat:

Plenty of restaurants around the city serving different different cuisines for different mouths. My tongue always craves for the South asian cuisines. So I've gone to the restaurants Tikka Mahal and Mosque kitchen. Both are very nice and with affordable prices. I've tried the Biriyani there and it was delicious.

A lovely view while going through this slightly narrow passage.

St Mary's Cathedral is huge and very difficult to fit in camera. This one is only a part of it.

A big and very lucrative designed main entrance for the cathedral.

Design of the Cathedral above the main gate.

It was just closed. Those people missed this same as we did.

Repairing was in progress.

A walkway outside the Cathedral premise. This is for the nearby people living around.

This photo was taken from the inside of an adjacent apartment complex.

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