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National Botanic Gardens of Ireland is one of the best botanical gardens I have visited so far. This botanical garden is nicely organized and having much varieties. I have visited this botanic garden during winter and later at spring. I thought I have seen enough of the garden. But returned back there during summer and found totally different flowers there.

I had a talk with a gardener there about the different flowers. According to them they use to replace the flowers each and every season. That means whenever you visit there you'll see a different collection. May be an onetime visitor will not notice this, but a recurrent visitor like me will find it a new place every time.

Best pathway from the botanic garden.

This garden comprises with four green houses (they have different names I guess). Two are very big in size. One of the big greenhouse contains the cactus, orchid and tropical forest section. I have never seen too many different cactus and similar succulent plants at a time before. And few of them were with flowers during spring. The tropical section one was common to me as most of the plants are available from my country. The orchid section is really reach with collection.

This is known as Devil's handkerchief tree.

Other big greenhouse holds small flowering plants from different part of the world. A large portion of the greenhouse contains different collection of Rhododendron flower. I have seen few plants from Australia and South Africa there. Most of those flowers I have seen there was my first time. Few of the plants are rare too.

Devil's handkerchiefs are under the tree.

Rhododendron flower on a tree.

The two small green houses are also nice. One is rich with the Bonsai plants and few other asian flowering plants. Other one is rich with very small flowers. Ireland uses to have a lot of rain throughout the years. You can easily spend your time inside the greenhouses during a rainy season. It happened with me once too. That day it was raining crazily. I have spent most of my time inside the greenhouses. If you are a flower lover then it should take 5-6 hours to observe all the flowers from the greenhouses. If you are a normal tourists then it should take 1-2 hours for you.

Beautiful Magnolia campbellii flower.

Ireland national botanic garden has a lot of lovely pathway where you can have your stroll. It has a lot of open lawns where you can sit with your family during the summer. Outdoor gardens are having trees mostly. You can expect to see the squirrel there. There are two types of squirrel in this botanic garden. Red squirrel is the rarest one and the Silver squirrel is the common one. People use to take popcorn and nuts there to feed the squirrels.

Flower's pot hanging from a stand.

There is a small section inside the botanical garden where you can find the vegetable garden. You may see the cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, etc plants. Around the garden I have seen the apple and pear trees.

A greenhouse.

The river Tolka flows through this Irish botanic garden. This is not a massive river but still walking beside this river should be interesting. This garden has a small lake inside where you may see few birds (duck, heron, etc). A small artificial fountain is available at the center of the garden. Few sculptures and statues are available around too.

Another greenhouse.

How to go:

Several buses go beside this botanic garden. Dublin bus 83 and 83/A has a stoppage near the garden gate. Other two buses 7 and 9 have a stoppage at 2 minutes of walking distance from the garden. The good thing is that these two buses can be taken from the O'Connel street. From city center it takes around 15 minutes to reach the garden.

Where to stay:

List of Hotels from Dublin

People usually stay near the Dublin city center as it is very near from there. Also the hotels around the city center are cheaper and you have a wide range of options. You can check here for a list of hotels at Dublin. I didn't stay at any of those as I live in Dublin.

Small water stream beside a bamboo bush that is inside the greenhouse.

Opening hours:

From the National botanic garden's website here is the opening hours for the garden:

Winter (2nd last Sunday of October to last Sunday in February)
-- Monday to Friday 9 am - 4:30 pm
-- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10 am - 4:30 pm

Summer (first Sunday in March to last Sunday of October)
-- Monday to Friday 9 am - 5 pm
-- Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10 am - 6 pm

A small hut inside the tropical greenhouse.

A small fountain inside another greenhouse.

A tiny river Tolka that flows through the botanic garden.

It has lot of paths like this inside the garden.

A small artificial waterfall inside the botanic garden.

A sample Viking hut.

A sample Viking hut.

A lovely stair pathway.

This photo was taken during winter.

The tower of Glasnevin cemetery that is beside the garden.

Some large plant leafs those are fairly taller than me.

An Orchid flower.

Probably this plant is from East asia.

And also this one is from East asia.

Colorful leafs of a plant resembles the pineapple leafs.

The river Tolka is flowing through the Botanic garden.

Bleeding heart flower.

Bleeding heart flower.

Looks like a kind of Chrysanthemum flower.

Purple ice plant flower.

Flower of Aloe vera.

Red inside green reminds me the flag of our Bangladesh.

Bellis flower.

This portion of the garden is well decorated.

Some sculpture inside the garden

Some sculpture inside the garden

Some sculpture inside the garden

Sculpture in front of the library.

A mini sculpture amid of the rose harden.

Rose garden.

A Morning glory flower.

Some oxalis plant's flower.

Rhododendron flower.

Fuschia flower.

Fuschia flower.

A Common blackbird bird (male).

A kind of Tit bird.

Very small bird Wren. Can you locate him?

A Common chaffinch bird.

To me it looks like a red squirrel in winter coat.

A silver squirrel resembles the Bengali number '9'.

Crocus flower growing through pebbles.

Another kind of Crocus flower.

Rose flower bud.

Fallen Rhododendron flowers under the tree.

Bird's nest fern plant.

A stick of Gladiolus flower.

Cherry flower.

Another variety of Rhododendron flower.

This plant looks beautiful even without the flower.

A striking red flower.

Another bright red flower.

Crocus flower and its reproduction system.

Saxifraga camposii.

Hyacinth carnegie.

Erica flower.

A cactus.

A pumpkin shaped cactus.

Beautiful leaf of a succulent plant.

This is the leaf of Sempervivum plant.

This is the flower of Sempervivum plant.

A flower from South africa named Protea eximia.

Highly fragrant Jasmine flower.

A Bird of paradise flower (resembles a bird).

Ipheion uniflorum

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