Dalkey Hill and the Killiney Beach - Ireland

Dalkey hill is very near from Dublin city. Apart from the park it has a nice rocky landscape, blessings from the abandoned granite quarry. This place is popular for the beginner rock climbers. It was mainly a granite quarry and was active sporadically for 100 years between 1815 and 1917. Apart from the climbers small numbers of visitors use to pay attention here during the weekend. And of course the local people use to do jogging and walking dogs here everyday.

From my observation it has three granite quarries where two is publicly accessible and other one is probably private (and less attractive as well). The shape of the quarry nearly similar to a horseshoe. Middle of the horseshoe is filled with wild plants. You can easily go near to the wall of the rocks and feel the beauty.

There are several routes where you can spend your time on the area. Also you can sit on some place and watch the activities of the climbers. Another thing came to my mind is doing camping here. I 'believe' you should be able to do the camping here as it is a public place. As I am new here in Dublin and not 100% certain about this, hence refraining to do so. But some day I am going to make some friends here and go for a camping with them.

As the Killiney beach is very near from the Dalkey hill, we have decided to visit that beach as well. You can reach to the beach from the Dalkey hill directly. The beach itself is a long one and lovely. Not that much clean pebbles like Bray but handy. People use to come here for the evening walk for themselves and for their dogs. Some people like us use to do sitting on the beach and enjoy the sound of the waves. After having a long walking during a sunny day I was totally soaked by sweating. Before leaving the beach I had a short swim on the bay. But it was very cold as the sun was behind the hills.

How to go to Dalkey:

As I do not have any car at this moment, lets consider the public transport. You can go there using Dublin bus or Dart. Most convenient way would be to use the Dart line as you can go there directly from Dublin city center. You can take the Dart from Connolly station or from the Tara station. Your dropping zone will be Dalkey station after 30-35 minutes of nice ride beside the Irish ocean. Presuming you'd visit the Killiney beach as well. So you can use the Killiney Dart station for your return trip.

Where to stay near Dalkey:

List of Hotels from Dublin

There are few nice hotels near Dalkey, but I didn't stay there as I live in Dublin. But you may try there if you really want to stay near Dalkey. Also for a cheap accommodation you'd better want to stay at Dublin city instead of Dalkey. You can check here for a list of hotels at Dublin.

A nice shinny day to explore the Dalkey.

Dalkey granite quarry.

White rocks at Killiney beach.

Solid rocks, Granite.

Solid rocks, Granite.

People are doing rock climbing.

People are doing rock climbing.

A guy taking preparation before the climb.

This should be an easy climbing for the climbers, not for me!

They were looking us from the top.

Top of the hill where few climbers and tourists had gathered.

Nice landscape of the abandoned granite quarry.

These rocks still bear the mark of cutting while quarrying.

Some green inside the horseshoe shaped quarry.

View of the green inside the horseshoe shaped quarry from top.

View of the city and ocean from the top of the quarry.

View of the city and ocean from the top of the Quarry.

A walkway at the top of the Quarry. It is the part of Dalkey park.

Picking blackberries from the nearby during the walk.

View of the Irish ocean from the top of the Dalkey hill.

The Killiney beach is visible at the far.

View of the Irish ocean from the top of the Dalkey hill.

View of the Irish ocean from the top of the Dalkey hill.

View of the Irish ocean from the top of the Dalkey hill.

View of Killiney beach from the Dalkey hill.

The Dart that has a stoppage beside the Killiney beach too.

At Killiney beach.

People call this rocks as White rock.

People call this rocks as White rock.

People call this rock as White rock.

The Killiney beach.

Dalkey Hill and the Killiney Beach,
County: Dublin,
Country: Ireland,
GPS Coordinate: (53.2686383,-6.1088119)
List of hotels near Dalkey

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Saturday, 27 August 2016