Bray to Greystone Cliff walk - Ireland

Bray is a lovely seaside town from Wicklow county, Ireland. It is popular for its lovely beach and the cliffs. Tourists can do a cliff walk from Bray that ends at another town named Greystone (another lovely seaside town). The distance of the walk is around 7 kilometer and takes around one hour to two for the tourists as they use to take pictures and observe the beauty on their way.

Beach of Bray during summer.

The cliff walking is an amazing one but very easy to participate. The path is nice and risk free. Except few portions, the trail is broad enough and easy to walk. Although during the raining you may see some muds and stuck water on the trail. But that doesn't take the adventure from your cliff walking. Alongside the whole trail you'll find the Irish rail line on your left hand side (but down from the trail). You should see several trains are passing during your cliff walking.

Trail goes through the farm field. Should be seen during summer before reaching Greystone.

During the Bray cliff walking you'll see some attractive turns and the picturesque view of the cliffs. The ocean on your left hand side will be teal blue always. The ocean here in this part is very calm. You may see some boats are passing irregularly. Sometimes you may see people are doing kayaking on there too.

Beautiful Graystone town beside the bay is visible at far.

During the summer the trail is very green and you'll see lot of wild flowers around the trail (i.e. Heather). During the winter there is not that much wild flowers around the trail. Also the green is very less that time. Most noticeable flower during the winter is Gorse that makes the landscape yellow. You should also see blackthorn flower at some places too.

A trail during winter through the Gorse flowers.

If you are lucky you may see the Seals are popping out their head and nose out of the water. But you have to be very watchful to find them. I have seen few during my cliff walking during winter. There are very less variety of birds during the trail you'll see. I could recognize the Seagulls and the Cormorants only.

An easy and handsome trail of Bray cliff walking.

Before the ending of the trail at Greystone you'll see the trail goes through a farm. If you are in summer you should see the Oat field (I guess) on both sides. Although you'll not be able to enter those farms but it was lovely to walk between such a heavenly path. During the winter the path looks like naked one as not even the grasses there as the farmers are doing preparation for next season's plantation.

Irish rail line near the cliff.

The beach at Bray is probably the best sea beach I have seen so far in Ireland. It is slightly bluish during a sunny day. The beach is totally covered with pebbles where you can sit easily without making your cloth dirty (for sands). During the summer you can have a nice swim in the beach. I have done this once. It was a very bright sunny day (still cold water).

How to Go:

For the tourists most convenient and the easiest way to use the Dart to reach at Bray. It is exactly 40 minutes of ride beside the beautiful bay of Ireland. You can take the dart from the Connolly station or from the Tara station. The dart fare is around 3 to 4 Euro. I used the leapcard that's why forgot the exact amount.

During the return you can return from the Bray station. Another option is to return from the Greystone dart station. The dart from Greystone will pass through Bray. It will use the train line that you have seen during your cliff walking. Would be an amazing feeling if you do that.

Showing Bray on google map.

Where to stay:

The town Bray and Greystone both are beautiful. I have found the towns are very clean and nicely arranged. I loved the walking around the neighborhood of Bray and Grestone town. There are few hotels at Bray but not sure about the Grestone town. You can check the link for a list of Hotels at Bray.

List of Hotels from Dublin

Bray is a usually considered as a day trip from Dublin. Most of the tourists do not stay at Bray during their traveling. That case Dunlin city will be another option for your staying. You can find a list of Hotels at Dublin city with different qualities.

A small rocky beach in between the cliffs.

A beautiful picturesque view during the walking.

Pinkish wildflower beside the trail.

One of the most beautiful spots on the trail.

An amazing cliff found during the cliff walk.

A beautiful beach of Bray during a sunny day.

Hills beside the Bray.

Cliff walking starts from this point.

Looking behind to the beach at Bray.

Looking behind to the beach at Bray.

Some people do the bike riding here too.

Irish rail line beside the cliffs.

Some rocks I have found beside the trail.

Another picturesque view during the walking.

Closer look towards the rocks.

Closer look towards the rocks.

A lovely rail line coming out from the hill. Didn't catch the train this time.

A train moves from one tunnel to another.

Right side tunnel is abandoned and left one is functioning.

Looks like someone can drive a car here!

Trails are initially wide like this one.

At some places the authority had to take some precaution for sudden landslide.

The rocky wall beside the trail simply added an extra old style beauty.

Some ruins beside the trail. Not sure what was it!

View of the ruins from the top.

View of the trail from the top.

An exciting climbing up during the trail.

And then slightly adventurous descending.

The Greystone town is visible at far sight.

The trail is slightly muddy here for sudden rain.

The trail beside the farm field.

Beautiful wild Gorse flower.

Unknown wild flower beside the trail.

Some wild plants on the rocks.

Wild flower Sea campion.

Greater Stitchwort (Stellaria holostea).

Blackthorn flower beside the trail.

A Cormorant bird with a crest.

A Sea seal is poking out his nose from water.

Grazing ships owned by some farmer.

Landscape of an Oat field (possibly).

Oat field beside the trail.

Same field during the winter. It was empty.

Trail through the field.

Tourists are walking on the trail through field.

Trail before the Greystone town during summer.

Signboard from Wicklow council.

Lovely arc on the trail before Greystone town.

Sea beach before the Greystone town.

Sea beach before the Greystone town.

Sea beach before the Greystone town.

Sea beach before the Greystone town.

Greystone town.

Greystone town.

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