Naogaon: A van ride through Dhamoirhat with scenic beauty

Friday, 17 May 2013

It was a day of summer, terrible hot out there. We were traveling from Jogoddol Bihara to Alta Dighi using a three wheeler van. The driver wasn't interested to provide any further service to us as he was hungry, and also it was his resting time. But I have convinced him to serve us for an extended period. And we were lucky that he had agreed.

It was the paddy harvesting time there. The road was a typical muddy village road. As it was around 1:30 pm of the day, most of the villagers were inside the house, waiting for lunch or taking rest. That's why we didn't see that much of crowd around the road. In fact we have found hardly any villagers around us.

The road was very close to the Bangladesh-India border. We could see the border from the road easily. The land near the border has an interesting law there. At one season farmers from Bangladesh cultivate the land, and at next season the farmers from India do that. I don't know why is such law.

Both sides of the road were golden with the color of ripen paddies. Few farmers were working out there. I have traveled lot of beautiful places from Bangladesh. And this village and road were one of such beautiful things.

They were curious by our presence!

The van was still us when we have explored the Alta Dighi area. After that using the same van we have returned back to the Dhamoirhat bazaar (ধামইরহাট বাজার) to catch the bus for Joypurhat district (জয়পুরহাট জেলা).

The border of trees at far is the Border between India-Bangladesh.

Collection of paddy in progress.

Farmers are carrying the paddy from the field.

I forgot the name of this river!

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