Tangail: Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর)

Friday, 07 November 2014

Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর) is a rectangular shaped large pond that is located at the Nagorpur (নাগরপুর) of Tagnail district (টাঙ্গাইল জেলা). In English the word 'Sorobor' means a lake. It was dug by the famous Jomidar (জমিদার) of Nagorpur (নাগরপুর) during 1381 of Bengali calendar. Which means around 80 years from now. During that time the villagers needed to go far away from the home to collect water (for drinking and household works). To ease their water crisis, the generous Jomidar (জমিদার) took initiative to dig this large water tank. Right now it has in total 12 ghats.

The days during this season in Bangladesh usually gets shorter one. We have finished visiting the Nagorpur Jomidar Bari (নাগরপুর জমিদার বাড়ী) by around 3:15pm of the day. After that we had a stroll through the village path. It was the paddy harvesting time and we have seen farmers were working on the fields. We were enjoying the roadside beauties and going towards this Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর).

The facade of the water tank. Its written 1381 as per Bengali calendar.

We have reached near the pond from the Eastern bank and reached at the Western side by observing the pond's proximity area. This large pond has in total 12 ghats for taking baths. The Western side's one is the biggest one and it has a false gate on there. It also has a medium sized Banyan tree on there. Lot of local visitors use to gather here during the afternoon and they use to sit under that tree. It was a long tiring day and we have also had a sitting on there for few minutes.

How to go:

There are several ways to come at Nagorpur (নাগরপুর) from Dhaka. You can take direct bus from Mohakhali (মহাখালী) that comes to Nagorpur (নাগরপুর). Another option can be come to Pakutia (পাকুটিয়া) first through the Saturia (সাটুরিয়া). You can get the bus of Saturia (সাটুরিয়া) from Gabtoli Bas Terminal (গাবতলী বাস টার্মিনাল). The bus fare is 60 Taka per person. It will take around 90-120 minutes to reach at Saturia (সাটুরিয়া). From there using CNG driven vehicle you can come to Pakutia (পাকুটিয়া). From Pakutia (পাকুটিয়া) you can take CNG driven vehicles to come at Nagorpur (নাগরপুর).

From Nagorpur (নাগরপুর) you can have a rickshaw or have a walk to reach the Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর). Its GPS coordinate is (24° 2'54.21"N, 89°52'9.23"E).

People from this area rely on the horses for carrying goods. It was beside the Dighi (দীঘি).

A juvenile was carrying load. It was beside the Dighi (দীঘি).

Entrance. It is just beside the road.

Lower branch of a Banyan tree just produced a nice shed.

Upendra Sorobor (উপেন্দ্র সরোবর),
Upazela: Nagorpur (নাগরপুর উপজেলা),
District: Tangail (টাঙ্গাইল জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (24° 2'54.21"N, 89°52'9.23"E),

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