Bagerhat: Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ)

Saturday, 03 January 2015

Singair mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) is located at the opposite of the Sixty domes mosque. In Bengali it can be written as সিংগাইর মসজিদ or সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ. It was just a minute of walking distance from Sixty domes mosque. There are lot of tourists use to gather around that large mosque, but unfortunately you'll find hardly any tourists are wandering around here. May be they think that we have already visited the bigger one and now why should we bother about the smaller one!

It is a square shaped mosque having an one large dome at the top. It is totally unknown about the builder of the mosque. But, it is guessed from the architecture that the mosque is from the 15th century (which means a contemporary of Sixty domes mosque). This mosque has three entrances at the Eastern side of the wall (middle one is slightly larger). And it has a single entrance at the Northern and Southern side's wall. At the four corners of the mosque it has four thick and round shaped Mughal architecture column.

View of Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) from South-East corner.

Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) is currently functioning and people use to pray here regularly. Also it is good to see that the mosque is not occupied by the local people's houses. It has a few spaces available around the mosque. It helps the tourists to observe the mosque from a varied distance.

View of Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) from Northern side.

How to Go:

This Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) mosque is just few steps of walking distance from the Shaat Gombuz Mosque (ষাট গম্বুজ মসজিদ) that is a famous one and everyone in Bangladesh knows about it, which means you shouldn't face any difficulties to locate this mosque. First come to Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) or Khulna (খুলনা) and ask anyone from there blindly and hopefully they can give you a direction. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (22°40'22.06"N, 89°44'33.11"E).

View of Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) from North-East corner.

Where to Stay:

Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট) is very near from the Khulna (খুলনা) town. Around 40 minutes of drive at maximum. And Khulna (খুলনা) is a divisional district. It has several international standard hotels along with plenty of cheap hotels. You can check in those for your night staying. I have stayed at the Royal International Hotel, an old and famous hotel from Khulna. And I always go for the old but famous hotels. The reason is, they are always classy, and everyone knows about location. Just ask anyone from Khulna (খুলনা) about this hotel from anywhere around there :-).

View of Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) from North-West corner.

Western side view of the Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ).

It was the day-2 of our four days trip at Southern Bangladesh. We have traveled Barisal (বরিশাল), Jhalokathi (ঝালকাঠি), Pirojpur (পিরোজপুর), Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট), and Khulna (খুলনা) in those days.

Singair Mosque (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ) / Singair Mosjid (সিঙ্গাইর মসজিদ),
Union: Shat Gombuz (ষাটগুম্বুজ),
Upazela: Bagerhat Sadar (বাগেরহাট সদর),
District: Bagerhat (বাগেরহাট জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: (22°40'22.06"N, 89°44'33.11"E)

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