Khagrachhori: Dighinala Bon Bihar (দীঘিনালা বন বিহার)

Friday, 26 September 2014

It was another bright and sunny day, and somewhere between 10:00-11:00am of the day. Our main objective was to visit the Sajek valley. And this beautiful serene place was on our way. So we have decided to have a pause on this place for few minutes. It is just before entering the Dighinala town (if you are coming from Khagrachhori).

Statue of Buddha.

This is a place for the Buddhist people. In my personal opinion, the Buddhist religion is the world's most peaceful religion from all. People are always calm and quiet, and so does their religious places. This place was free from any crowds. Most of the people inside there were talking in a low voice (or I should say modest).

Statue of a Buddhist Bhikkhu (ভিক্ষু).

After entering inside the main premise through the gate, we have found two temples there. One was having a large statue of the Buddha. And the other one was having two statues (local people say this as the statue of Bhante of Rangamati Bihar (ভান্তে, রাঙামাটি বিহার), and who died recently). In between the two temples there is a small field like place available which is shaded by a medium sized tree. We have enjoyed our staying for a while under that tree.

This just after entering the temple premise.

How to Go:

This is at the Dighinala Upazela (দীঘিনালা উপজেলা) of Khagrachhori District (খাগড়াছড়ি জেলা). And its only 30 Taka per person to come at Dighinala (দীঘিনালা) town using a CNG driven vehicle from the Khagrachhori (খাগড়াছড়ি). GPS coordinate of the Dighinala Bon Bihar (দীঘিনালা বন বিহার) is (23°14'25.20"N, 92° 3'44.04"E).

A lotus in front of the administrative building.

Ornate top of the temple.

Ornate top of the temple.

In my opinion it was the most beautiful temple from there.

I liked this tree shade!

Statue of Buddha.

A lion as a guardian at the temple gate.

It is probably the Bhante (ভান্তে).

It is probably the Bhante (ভান্তে).

Not sure about this one. But should be another highly revered person.

Despite of having a wrong focus I still like this photo.

Someday I'll exit the stage like this way. But will you remember me?

Dighinala Bon Bihar (দীঘিনালা বন বিহার),
Dighinala Upazela (দীঘিনালা উপজেলা),
Khagrachhori District (খাগড়াছড়ি জেলা),
Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate (23°14'25.20"N, 92° 3'44.04"E)

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