Monihar Cinema Hall - Jessore

Monihar Cinema Hall, Jessore

During the old days cinema was the only medium to transfer message towards the vast people. That's why it was not only a medium of entertainment but also a mass media that time. But these days we have internet and other lot of things which have replaced this, and cinema is only a source of entertainment (most cases).

Bangladesh used to produce lot of good quality movies in every year and everyone used to go to the cinema hall once or twice in a month with the whole family. Yes, I am talking about our women as well. Those movies didn't have any cheap vulgar things and was enjoyable with the family members.

Monihar Cinema Hall, Jessore

That time lot of good quality cinema halls were available throughout the country. Amongst those the Monihar Cinema Hall was the largest one. Not sure whether it is still the largest one from Bangladesh or not, but it was that time. It was one of the most posh cinema hall of that time.

It was built during 1984 (more than 30 years from now) by someone named Sirjul Islam. It is a four stored cinema hall having around 1500 seats. They owner circulated an advertisement on paper by asking a beautiful name for his new cinema hall. And they have chosen the name Monihar (which means a precious locket).

I had a plan to watch a movie Monihar cinema hall at night during my travel of Jessore. But unfortunately I didn't stay at Jessore (last moment changing of plan, I have stayed at Narail district that night). Also I was in Khulna for around a year before year 2000, and never had the chance either. May be someday I'll go there to watch a movie (if it exists till then).

The poster that was affixed in front of the Monihar cinema hall is named Poramon. What does it mean in English? Its literal meaning is 'Burned Heart'. Should the actual meaning can be 'My God Damn Heart (that doesn't listen to me)'?

By the way, the is a famous cinema hall in Jessore. Everyone knows about it. Just ask them. Even the name of the bus stoppage, road, or circles are after this cinema hall around there. Still if you face to locate it, here is the GPS coordinate for you (23° 9'39.74"N, 89°13'22.34"E).

Monihar Cinema Hall,
Jessore Town,
District: Jessore,
Country: Bangladesh,
GPS coordinate: (23° 9'39.74"N, 89°13'22.34"E).

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Friday, 21 June 2013