Chandpur: Lohagor Moth (লোহাগড় মঠ)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

There is an ancient Moth available at Chandpur district (চাঁদপুর জেলা). It's name is Lohagor Moth (লোহাগড় মঠ). Probably it is more than several hundred years of old. This Moth (মঠ) is located beside a branch of Dakatia River (ডাকাতিয়া নদী) from the village Lohagor (লোহাগড়). There were two tyrant brothers there named Loho (লোহ) and Gohor (গহর). After their name the village name is Lohagor (লোহাগড়).

There is a doubt about the founder of the Moth (মঠ). Some sources believe that the two brothers have built this. And some other sources believe that it was built by the inheritors of the two brothers. Also, it is not certain about the built date. Initially it had five Moth (মঠ) side by side. But now a days there are only three remaining.

People of that time were scared of those two infamous brothers. They were too much cruel and never done anything good for the villagers. Raping girls from the village was their daily routine. People hardly used to go near their house. It is believed that they have sunken their mother in a pond nearby their house. She wanted milk from them, and it was her fault. So now imagine how beast those two were!

Existing three Moth (মঠ) are in different heights. The taller one is the most beautiful. It is very tall, and the upper portion is more beautiful and ornate than the lower portion. Top portion is somewhat similar to the top of a pagoda. There are several holes found at the top of the temple and those are a nice hideout for the Rose-ringed parakeet pairs.

The Moth was covered with the jungle for many years. People hardly went near that Moth. They thought it had some bad spirits which use to take or kill people. Even for many years people didn't dare to go near the Moth alone.

The house of those two tyrants still remains (only few portion) near the Moth. We were in a hurry and also didn't have the exact location. That's we have returned back to the town without visiting that.

How to Go:

From the Sadarghat (সদরঘাট), there are several launch services available for Chandpur (চাঁদপুর). Those start from morning 7:00am and continues till afternoon with one hour interval in between. You can pick any of those and reach the Chandpur (চাঁদপুর). It will take around 3.5 - 4 hours to reach at the Chandpur (চাঁদপুর). From there you can hire a CNG driven vehicle for round trip. You have to ask the driver about Lohagor Moth (লোহাগড় মঠ). It will take around 30/35 minutes to reach near the Moth (মঠ). It will cost you around 400-500 Taka as it is slightly expensive there. Alternate option can be using the same vehicle as public transport and change when necessary.

There are few launch services available which use to go till Echoli launch terminal (ইচলী লঞ্চ ঘাট). The Moth is near from there. So instead of leaving the launch at Chandpur (চাঁদপুর) town, you can go till the Echoli (ইচলী). See the map below for the exact position.

GPS coordinate of the Lohagor Moth (লোহাগড় মঠ) is (23°11'23.14"N, 90°43'35.70"E).

The last launch that leaves (at day) from the Chandpur (ইচলী) town is at 2:40pm. After that the next launch will be at 9:30am of the night. So make sure how you want to return back to Dhaka. Another option can be the Bus service. But that is not relaxing like the launch!

Showing the position of the Moth, Chandpur Launch Ghat, Echoli Launch Ghat.

It was a day trip. We have only stayed 3 hours there. Means we have reached there at 11:45am and returned back by the launch of 2:40pm. And we have bought the lowest class option from the launch. It was 100 Taka per person :-)

A female Rose ringed parakeet in her nest that is on a hole located at the wall of the Moth (মঠ).

A male Rose ringed parakeet on the wall of the Moth (মঠ).

Lohagor Moth (লোহাগড় মঠ),
Village: Lohagor (লোহাগড়),
Upazela: Faridganj (ফরিদগঞ্জ উপজেলা),
District: Chandpur (চাঁদপুর জেলা),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: 23°11'23.14"N, 90°43'35.70"E

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