Brahmanbaria: An Old House at Gokorno Gram (গোকর্ণ গ্রামের পুরনো বাড়ী)

Tuesday, 07 October 2014

This is an old house located at the Gokorno village (গোকর্ণ গ্রাম) of Nasirnogor Upazela (নাসিরনগর উপজেলা). After randomly exploring the Google Earth I came to know that someone has uploaded a picture of this house and I have decided to visit this. It was on the way of our returning after visiting the Horipur Boro Bari (হরিপুর বড় বাড়ী).

Initially we had to struggle to find this house as we didn't know what local people call this. So we have shown the photo of this house to the local villagers (specially the elders) and one of them identified this correctly and assured us about it's existence. We have hired a CNG driven vehicle and that dropped us near this old house.

Its a small building located beside a village pond and I heard someone was calling this as Barrister Bari (ব্যারিস্টার বাড়ী). I do not know much about this old building and didn't find any other information from the internet. With the help of a local people beside the house we have entered inside the house. Right now no one lives there. Few of the rooms are still firm these days, but others are very risky in condition. You will understand more if you observe my photos carefully.

How to Go:

Read this article first and see how to go there. From there you can take a CNG driven vehicle to reach near this house. GPS coordinate of this building is (24° 8'26.65"N, 91°11'21.14"E).

The dilapidated condition of the old house.

This is risky and any time can collapse.

A room at second floor.

A room at second floor.

Torn apart floor of a room from second floor.

Roots of plant are encroaching over the building walls.

View of the pond from the balcony.

Having a last look before leaving it behind.

Old house of Gokorno Gram (গোকর্ণ গ্রামের পুরনো বাড়ী),
Village: Gokorno Gram (গোকর্ণ গ্রাম)
Upazela: Nasirnogor (নাসিরনগর)
District: Brahmanbaria (ব্রাহ্মণবাড়িয়া),
Country: Bangladesh (বাংলাদেশ),
GPS coordinate: 24° 8'26.65"N, 91°11'21.14"E

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