Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong

Khoiyachhora is an easy to access waterfall that is located at Mirsarai of Chittagong district. Our Khoiyachhora waterfall exploration was a connecting tour with my unfinished Feni tour. So half of the day we have passed around the Feni town, and then later moved forward here at Mirsarai. You can read about those beautiful places from Feni if you have time in hand.

We have reached at Baroiyar hat through the Korer hat by changing the public transport twice. From Barioyar hat I have purchased four ripe pineapples (to enjoy near at the waterfall). After that we have hired a CNG driven auto rickshaw that would drop us near at the train line after the Boro takia bazar. It was exactly 210 Taka cost in total. We have booked our return ticket on the way when the vehicle was passing through the Mirsarai bazaar. So the tension for returning home had gone far way by that.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong

After leaving the vehicle (possibly around 3:00 pm of the day) it was all now upon our feet. We have replenished our empty bottles from a nearby tube well and then started our trekking through the country-like meandering typical Bangladeshi path where the paddy fields were playing with the gentle breezes. The scene was itself beautiful, the green paddy fields, blue sky, small hills at one side like a boundary, and the scattered village houses.

After just few several hundreds steps, my expensive 'Made by Bay' sandal decided not to continue with me. The sole of my sandal just got detached from my sandal. It was very unpleasant feeling that something had happened at the beginning of a good thing! I saw a farmer was preparing his fence with the thin wires. I have requested him to give me few from there. With those I have strapped the sole with my sandal and started the trekking. I was feeling uncomfortable but I kept going.

The water stream was a very narrow one and hardly had any depth on it (around 12 inches on average). I was very disappointed by this as it was around the rainy season in Bangladesh. Sometimes we were trekking through the water stream, and sometimes we were moving through the lands. The water level was increasing as we were progressing. Sometimes there were basin like things under the mini waterfalls and which were very deep. Also the path was full with risk. So we have avoided such scenario by bypassing through the land.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong

At one stage, we have lost our path and strayed from the main course. This sort of things happen when the GPS doesn't work. I was aware that no matter what happens our route will be around the water stream by any chance. But on that particular area, we saw from the top that the water stream was turning towards right and we were moving towards left. It was totally opposite direction. So we had to get down from that small hill. That was a muddy walkway as the cows use to go up and down through that.

That was the only time when we have lost our trek. After that we were moving slowly and always tried to be with the water. This helped us a lot. The path towards the waterfall was really beautiful. It was not that much wide like the stream of Bandarban (বান্দরবান). But it was full with mystery for it's sudden height change, which makes the place a mini waterfall. Every mini waterfalls around that stream was born with a deep teal colored basin (or I must say it created that after the birth).

Through the mystery and the beauty, we have reached near at the last/bottom step of the waterfall (usually the waterfall itself). There were nobody around the waterfall. Because it was around 4:00pm to 5:00pm of the day. Waterfalls are always amazing, and it is more beautiful when there are no crowed around. After enjoying the beauty of the waterfall for a while, we have started to capture our moments with the waterfall. After that we have started to climb beside the waterfall to reach at the top of it (or at least as far we could).

You'll see field like this if you are there in around the rainy season.

At the lest side of the waterfall it has a steep path through the trees that leads to the upper portion of that falls. During climbing the steep portion we have met with another group who were coming down from there. We didn't expect anyone around there and neither did they. They were experienced about this waterfall and later we have collected information about few other waterfalls around there which we have visited at next day.

Top of the waterfall was more beautiful compare to the bottom. It had another three steps like a cascade and flourishing with waters. It had a large basin at the bottom of it and I wanted to have a shower over there. But the time was short for us and also my other mates were not interested to join with me. So I didn't show any further interest on that. From this point we have returned back to the down again. Though it had around another four steps at the top, but we had to discard that for lack of time. And also we weren't sure about how to reach further.

A lonely tree at the middle of a paddy field.

After reaching at the bottom of the Khoiyachhora Waterfall we have had fun altogether with the cold water from the waterfall. It is always a fun for me to have a shower under a waterfall. I have done this type of thing a lot but still I never get tired of it. Amid of our fun doing we have sliced the pineapples and enjoyed with the visitors from other group, and also they have shared their meal with us which they have cooked beside the waterfall.

We could have prolonged our staying over there. But the daylight was phlegmatic to allow us to do so. So we have started to return back to home. The returning was also nice. The sun was gone (it uses to go early in the hills and woods). Previously it was a mysterious ambient due to the playing of lights and the trees. But this time it was the mystery of darkness and the creeping sound of different species around us. Simply amazing.

A narrow stream. This is generated from the flow of the waterfall.

How to Go:

Khoiyachhora Waterfall is very easy to access specially if you are from Chittagong town, but not that much difficult either if you are from Dhaka. First come to Boro takia Bazar of Mirsarai. You can do this by leaving the Dhaka-Chittagong bus on highway. Your dropping zone will be (22°45'39.54"N, 91°34'55.56"E) which is before the Boro Takia bazar.

From there you can start trekking for 15 minutes through the concrete road and it will lead you toward a rail crossing. The GPS coordinate of that place is (22°45'55.98"N, 91°35'33.05"E). After the rail crossing the typical Bangladeshi country road will lead you towards the bottom of the hills (at the water stream of the waterfall).

Until reaching the water stream you can ask for help from the local villagers. Even you can hire anyone from them to enlighten you further. After reaching the water stream, just follow the trail around that, and stay beside the stream and it will automatically lead you towards the waterfall itself. The GPS coordinate of the bottom steps of the Khoiyachhora Waterfall is (22°46'9.44"N, 91°36'41.77"E).

Depending upon your walking speed it will be around 1 to 2 hours of trekking for single trip. It will require same amount of time when you'll come back from there. So prepare yourself by doing exercise if you are not familiar with regular walking.

We are just crossing it not trekking through it.

Where to stay:

It is very difficult to find a quality hotel near around the waterfall. You can stay at the low facilitated hotel from Mirsarai or from Baroiyar hat. And of course you can stay at Chittagong town too, but that's slightly far from there specially when you have a plan for exploring other waterfalls from Mirsarai at next day.

Towards the waterfall through the shallow stream.


Though it doesn't require any food for such a short trip. But still if you think you may need something to eat during the travel break, then keep some dry food with you. Amid of the woods you'll not find any shop or stall to buy your things.

Lot of mysterious things were waiting for us just ahead of this turn!

This type of paths are always slippery. It needs to be circumspect.

A mini waterfall, but the area beneath this is possibly deep.

This type of paths are hard to cross. That's why we had to bypass this.

Beautiful view of a basin under a mini waterfall.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Khoiyachhora Waterfall from the top.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
This waterfall has plenty of more steps, here are another three.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Closer look towards the steps of the Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

Khoiyachhora Waterfall in Chittagong
Other steps of Khoiyachhora Waterfall.

You can go to top through this water stream.

Last look towards the steps before returning back.

Returning back and the beautiful green field was beside us.

The sun was about to say goodbye for the day!

Khoiyachhora Jhorna,
Boro Takia Bazar,
GPS coordinate (22°46'9.44"N, 91°36'41.77"E).

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Friday, 05 July 2013


  1. We do the same thing as like you. We have lost our path, then we find the footsteps of cow's. Then we follow their lines then we can see too many small quarter of forest division's hut. Then we walk through just the opposite direction of multiple waterfalls. After 3 hours we reached down. And we are so afraid.


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