Imambara of Haji Mohsin - Jessore

Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

An old small edifice named Haji Muhammad Mohsin Imambara is located in the Jessore town. For your information, Haji Muhammad Mohsin was one of the greatest magnanimous, philanthropist, and munificent person during his time. This old house was built by her step sister named Munnujan Khanom who was a wealthy woman (later Mohsin inherited her wealths). It was build during the year 1802. Later department of archaeology has declared this as a protected edifice.

Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

Haji Mohsin Imambara is roughly a 15x18 meter measurement building and highly revered by the Shia Muslims, I don't know why. An inscription is written in Arabic mentioning Allah, Hassan, and Hossein. Probably this could be the a reason for the devotion. Being near to the Murali Mor of Jessore town this building is also known as Murali Imambara.

Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

How to Go:

Easiest way to visit this this area will be from the Murali mor of the Jessore town. It's a walking distance from the place. You can come to the Murali mor from anywhere of the Jessore town. The GPS Coordinate of the Haji Mohsin Imambara is (23° 8'36.78"N, 89°14'4.67"E).

Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

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Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

Imambara of Haji Mohsin, Jessore

Haji Mohsin Imambara,
Village: Jessore Town,
District: Jessore,
Country: Bangladesh.
GPS coordinate (23° 8'36.78"N, 89°14'4.67"E).

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Friday, 21 June 2013


  1. Dear So Nice Of You. But I think You should Take & Post a Image of the signboard of This Imam Barga. Which r given by প্রত্ন-তত্ব অধিদপ্তর The Introduction of the Place. Thanks

  2. thanks. i'll try to find one for this. didnt think about it.


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