Kishoreganj: Narsunda, a tale of a dying river

Friday, 07 June 2013

Bangladesh is a country of rivers. World's largest rivers Padma(পদ্মা) and Jamuna(যমুনা) have joined together at this country. Not too far, even thirty years back, our economy and communication was based on the rivers and hugely depended on those. During my traveling, I use to observe the rivers along side the exploration of the country and the flowers.

Today its about the river Narsunda(নরসুন্দা নদী), a river from Kishoreganj district(কিশোরগঞ্জ জেলা). The water development board has declared this river as almost a dead river. But from my observation, this is a dead river. Both banks of the river are occupied by the unauthorized people who are not having a minimum concern about a river.

This is around a 60 kilometer long river between the Brahmaputra river of Hossenpur Upazila(হোসেনপুর উপজেলা) and the Dhanu river(ধনু নদী) at Itna Upazila(ইটনা উপজেলা). This river hugely depends on another moribund river named Brahmaputra(ব্রহ্মপুত্র). At most of the places the river is having no flow and it helped the water hyacinths to flourish exponentially. Those hyacinths made the river bed such thick that you may assume those as a bed of vegetable cultivation.

Near the Kishoreganj(কিশোরগঞ্জ) town, the river is totally dried up even during the rainy season. Only a 2-3 feet of drain like stream is visible a mid the river bed. And the water is mainly coming from the household works and the toilets. At other places the river is having a height of a knee. And at nowhere I have seen the flow of water.

The government has taken an initiative to revive the river. It is known as Lake City Project. But in my opinion the work is very slow, and I really doubt about the planning too. Anyway, lets hope for the best.

A fishing net on the river Norsunda(নরসুন্দা নদী).

Its not a grass field. Its the river Norsunda(নরসুন্দা নদী).

Again, river Norsunda(নরসুন্দা নদী), not the crop field. Bank of the river is repaired and the depth of the river is increased by a dredging recently.

River on a rainy day during rainy season. But still it has only a knee height depth of water in it.

Even a kid can cross this River by having a walk. Our poor Narsunda River(নরসুন্দা নদী).

Rain drops on the river.

Beautiful scene with the river Norsunda. It could have been more beautiful if it had some flow on the water.

River Norsunda(নরসুন্দা নদী), we should try to save it though we are almost late enough.

Narsunda, a tale of a moribund river...
Kishoreganj District,

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