Joypurhat: Pathorghata Church, River and Mazar(পাথরঘাটা গীর্জা, নদী এবং মাজার)

Friday, 17 May 2013

It was an early morning and our bus dropped us at the Pachbibi(পাচবিবি) town. In fact I didn't know that the bus use to go till Pachbibi(পাচবিবি). Our plan was to leave the bus at Joypurhat(জয়পুরহাট) town. Anyway, we have had a traditional Lonely Traveler breakfast from the town, a heavy one. It was just before 6:00 at the morning.

After the breakfast, we had to walk for around 8-10 minutes to reach near the tempo stand at the Pachbibi(পাচবিবি) Railway Station from where the tempo of Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা) uses to start. Since it was very early at the morning, we had to struggle to find a vehicle. Luckily we found a late-middle age driver who agreed to have a round trip from Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা) for 180 Taka. That old man was friendly, always having a smiley face that is covered with white beard. Seemed to me a happy man.

It was a noisy vehicle that uses to create an unbearable sound and is tediously slow compare to the sound that it uses to produce. We have reached to the Pathorghat(পাথরঘাটা) within 30 minutes after starting the ride. Since it was a village road during the early morning, we have found very few number of vehicles on the road.

About Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা):

Scholars believe that an unknown civilization used to live here the during ancient time. The reason for this believe is the scattered stones, bricks, broken objects from the pottery things which are randomly available on a vast area of Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা).

Apart from the history, you can visit few places from Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা) which I have visited, such as the church near Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা), the Mazar of Nimai Pir(নিমাই পীরের দরগা), river Tulshigonga(তুলসিগঙ্গা নদী), etc.

Pathorghata Mission and Church(পাথরঘাটা মিশন ও গীর্জা):

This Mission and Church is located at the Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা). This is not open for the public but a visitor can enter inside the premise after acknowledging the guards or the residents who live inside. This church is mainly for the tribal people who have converted into Christian and it runs by the fund from the Christian Mission. Slight near(outside) from the place you can see a graveyard. Probably the local christian people are lying there to have a rest in peace.

Nimai Pirer Dorga(নিমাই পীরের দরগা):

This place is interesting as per the actual story behind this. Muslim people believe this as a Mazar(মাজার) of a saint named Nasiruddin Pir(নাসির উদ্দিন পীর). But the Hindu people believe this as their place as his name was Nimai Pir(নিমাই পীর). Whoever the guy was, actually he used to do meditation here hour after hour by sitting in one place. After his death, people started to believe that the guy Nimai Pir(নিমাই পীর) might have achieved some supernatural power and that's why they use to gather here for something that I don't know. A village fair uses to held here during the Joishtho(জৈষ্ঠ), a month from Bengali Calendar which is May/June in English Calendar.

Beside the Mazar(মাজার) a small moribund river is flowing named Tulshigonga(তুলসিগঙ্গা নদী). Very small one that looks like a canal. Also the flow of the river is very poor, can die in any day. You can have explore this river for few minutes during your visit here. Also, there are several old huge rain-trees available around the place.

How to Go:

These places are located at the Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা) of Pachbibi Upazila(পাচবিবি উপজেলা) of Joypurhat Distrct(জয়পুরহাট জেলা). GPS Coordinate of the Church is (25°11'52.38"N, 89° 4'8.92"E) and the Nimai Pirer Dorga(নিমাই পীরের দরগা) is (25°11'46.46"N, 89° 4'11.96"E).

To visit this place, you have to come at the Pachbibi Bazaar first. From there you have to hire the Votvoti(ভটভটি), a noisy vehicle. For a round trip it can cost around 200 Taka.

A Christian Graveyard, everyone must die.

Nimai Pirer Dorga(নিমাই পীরের দরগা) and two unknown graves in front.

Not sure about this. Found at Nimai Pirer Dorga(নিমাই পীরের দরগা).

Large stones. Not sure from where these came from. Its unknown and mysterious.

Large stones. Not sure from where these came from. Its unknown and mysterious.

River Tulshi Gonga(তুলসি গঙ্গা নদী) which is about to die.

Massive Rain-Tree.

A beautiful Pond on our way to Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা).

A beautiful Pond on our way to Pathorghata(পাথরঘাটা).

Pathorghata Church, River and Mazar(পাথরঘাটা গীর্জা, নদী এবং মাজার),
Atapur Union(আটাপুর ইউনিয়্ন),
Pachbibi Upazila(পাঁচবিবি উপজেলা),
Joypurhat District(জয়্পুরহাট জেলা),

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