Naogaon: Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী) is located at the Dubolhati(দুবলহাটি) union of Naogaon(নওগাঁ) district. This is around a 200 years of old building. Compare to the other Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ী) from Bangladesh, this one is a massive one. But unfortunately the condition of this once upon luxurious compound is very poor. The dilapidated condition of this palace gave me a feelings of a war torn building that can collapse in any moment.

Dubolhati Jomidari(দুবলহাটি জমিদারী) was established by the Jomidar Kirshnanath(জমিদার কৃষ্ণনাথ) from the East India Company(the British ruler of this region). The Jomidar(জমিদার) of Dubolhati(দুবলহাটি) was very cruel for the peasants. Similar to the other Jomidar(জমিদার) of Bangladesh, people couldn't cross this Jomidar bari(জমিদার বাড়ী) premise by wearing any shoes or using umbrella. That's why suffering local people revolted against the Jomidar(জমিদার).

The Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh has taken the custody of this building, but later they didn't do anything to preserve this(may be they have forgotten about it). Now a days its a perfect place for the drug addicts and similar people. Though they do not do any harm to the visitors, but still it hinders the free movement of a traveler for sure.

The doors and windows from all the buildings are missing. even people started to removing the bricks from the walls too. These poor buildings can collapse in any day if the shake of an earthquake is mild enough. Climbing to the second floor of the buildings are very much risky.

I have found several yards inside the Dobolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী) compound. Most of the buildings are built in a group and also in different times. At the corner of the premise I have found a water well(কুয়া) that used to serve the need of drinking water.

How to Go:

Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী) is located at the Dubolhati(দুবলহাটি) union of Naogaon Sodor Upazela(নওগাঁ সদর উপজেলা). We have gone there after visiting the Bolihar Jomidar Bari. and returned back using another way. So basically there are two routes to visit the Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ী). One is shortest route, and other one is the longest route. Either one will be useful for you.

Shortest route:

1) From the Naoga(নওগাঁ সদর) town take a Van or Battery driven vehicle to come at the Dubolhati bazaar(দুবলহাটি বাজার). For a van its 20/25 taka per person. And for the battery driven vehicle its 15 taka per person. Battery driven vehicle requires around 20 minutes to reach the Dubolhati bazaar(দুবলহাটি বাজার).

Longest route:

This one will be helpful for you if you come here after visiting the Kushumba mosque or Bolihar Jomidar Bari.

1) Come to the Hapania Bazaar(হাপানিয়া বাজার) first. Its on the Manda-Naogao(মান্দা-নওগাঁ) highway. GPS Coordinate of the Hapania bazaar(হাপানিয়া বাজার) is (24°51'18.26"N, 88°53'11.92"E).

2) Take a local Votvoti(ভটভটি), a very noisy local vehicle to come to the Dubolhati(দুবলহাটি) Bazaar. It is 15 taka per person and around 20-25 minutes of ride.

From the bazaar, just start walking to reach the Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ী). Its around a minute of walking distance. Ask local people if you find any difficulties to locate it. GPS Coordinate of the Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী) is (24°47'12.26"N, 88°52'59.37"E).

I have used the longest route to reach near the Dubolhati(দুবলহাটি), and return back to the Naoga(নওগাঁ সদর) town using the shortest route.

Front side building of the Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ী).

This image tells that no care is being taken for this building. Homeless people are living here with risking their life.

Photoshop edited. This is probably a watch tower placed at the corner of the building.

A window at the roadside. I always feel nostalgic by watching such windows. I always feel someone from the past is still watching me.

View of the Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী) from the other side of the Pond. It has two small temples near at the stairs of the pond.

Another Mughal(মুঘল) style watch tower.

Only the roman styled pillars are standing and the walls are missing.

A closer look towards the dilapidated condition of a building.

Its not the poor but the hideous people have stolen the stuffs from here and made these buildings nude like this one.

Even now a days people are started to removing the bricks from here too.

All the windows and doors those were made from heavy woods are missing.

Inner yard and the poor building. I believe the conservative woman of that time from this palace use to move here freely. May be I can hear their laughing still now!

Cruel ruler is gone, and now it's living place is waiting to pass away.

From my observation, only this building is available to climb at second floor and having the best condition amongst all.

Dubolhati Jomidar Bari(দুবলহাটি জমিদার বাড়ী),
Dubolhati Union,
Naogaon District,

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