Khulna: Abbas Hotel at Chuknogor (চুকনগর আব্বাসের হোটেল)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Choi(চৈ) is a traditional spice that is popular at Khulna(খুলনা) and it's proximity regions. This spice mainly adds extra hot(ঝাল) on the curry. A popular restaurant named 'Hotel Abbas(আব্বাসের হোটেল)' from the Chuknogor(চুকনগর) of Khulna(খুলনা) is famous for it's mutton curry that is cooked with that spice Choi(চৈ). I can not remember the separate bills, but possibly a piece of mutton from that curry is having a cost of 70 taka. I have tasted two pieces.

I couldn't have my breakfast as my bus was around 5 hours late to arrive the Jessore(যশোর) town. So the lunch at 2:00 pm at Hotel Abbas(আব্বাস হোটেল) was the first meal for me of the day. I ate like a monster and was sweating after finishing my lunch. So asking about the taste from me is meaningless. The thing that impressed me mostly is the serving of the restaurant waiters. It gave me a feelings that I was having a lunch at my relative's house. If I get another chance to visit this place, I'll surely taste this curry again. I don't like meat that much, but enjoyed my lunch that day.

This is a very busy restaurant during the lunch time. Its very hard to find a space here that time. People use to come here from long distance everyday. Basically the accidental death of Our former National Cricket Player Manjarul Islam Rana(মানজারুল ইসলাম রানা) made this restaurant famous within a day. He was returning home after having a lunch with his friends here and had a tragic motorbike accident on the road that took his life.

View of the restaurant from outside.

How to go:

Chuknogor(চুকনগর) is accessible from both Khulna(খুলনা) and Jessore(যশোর) district. We went there from Jessore(যশোর) town, and it was a part of our Jessore(যশোর) expedition. But It is slightly nearer from the Khulna(খুলনা) town compare to the road distance. It was around 55 taka per person from Jessore(যশোর) town. This restaurant is located exactly beside the main road. GPS Coordinate of the Abbas Hotel is (22°50'26.19"N, 89°17'45.15"E). It shouldn't be hard for you to locate this, I believe.

They use to move from table to table with this bowl full of mutton and its your choice which piece you want to have. Each piece cost 70 taka and its expensive in my opinion. But still worth to have a taste.

It was my starting plate. I had another two after this one. My travel mate 'Nomadic Panther' didn't enjoy this dish and lunch. But he also had two pieces and I don't know why he took two! Yoo...

Chuknogor Abbas Hotel(চুকনগর আব্বাসের হোটেল),
Chuknogor Bazaar,
Khulna District,

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