Gopalganj: Arpara Munsi Bari (আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী)

Arpara Munshi Bari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী) is located near at Arpara(আড়পাড়া) of Gopalganj(গোপালগঞ্জ) district. This is situated beside a man-made straight canal named 'Beel Route Canal'. This is mainly a two stored building and not that much older. But due to lack of care(and also the owner shifted to new place) it is a haunted house now a days.

Windows are missing, doors are gone. Trees have grown over this building and started covering it. Initially I heard lot of chirping sounds and thought those were birds. But later found it was actually a hideout for the bats. Thousands of bats were hanging upside down from the roof, and lot of them were flying randomly around and making the noise. It looked slight scary, but an amazing thing to watch. We didn't expect such things there that day.

I know almost nothing about the owner of this Munsibari(মুন্সীবাড়ী) and the built date. Probably its around 50-60 yrs of old building and built by a rich family having family/surname Minshi(মুন্সী). They are still powerful, and prominent there by status and wealth. There are few other buildings available near this one and people are living there. Possibly they have shifted from here.

How to Go:

This Arpara Munshi Bari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী) is located at Arpara(আড়পাড়া) village which is slight far from the main Gopalganj(গোপালগঞ্জ) town. We have gone there through the Nimtoli Mor(নিমতলী মোড়)(23° 2'5.37"N, 89°48'24.12"E) and returned back through another way. It will be better if you visit this place using the path that one we have used for exit. Here we go:

1) Get down from the bus at the place near Arpara(আড়পাড়া) on the Dhaka-Gopalganj (ঢাকা-গোপালগঞ্জ) or Tekerghat-Gopalganj (টেকেরহাট-গোপালগঞ্জ) highway. GPS coordinate of the dropping point is(23° 3'3.16"N, 89°49'1.04"E).

2) Cross the river(actually its a canal) using the boat. Its 2 taka per person. But the boatman is a handicap guy and if you pay him more, it will be helpful for him.

3) Arpara Munshi Bari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী) is just at the other side of the canal, and GPS coordinate of the house is(23° 3'3.13"N, 89°48'50.81"E).

Arpara Munsi Bari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সী বাড়ী), a hideout for the bats.

Stylish roman style columns added an extra beauty to the building. Doors and windows are missing. From the observation of the bricks on the wall and column, it gave a feelings about a 50-60 yrs of old building.

Bats use to hang upside down under the roof of first and second floor.

Bats are hanging under the roof of second floor.

Closer look towards the bats. I needed a better camera badly to capture these creatures more sharply.

Newly built house near the Old Munsi Bari(মুন্সী বাড়ী).

Newly built house near the Old Munsi Bari(মুন্সী বাড়ী).

Mosque of Arpara Munsibari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী)

Mosque of Arpara Munsibari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী)

Mosque of Arpara Munsibari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী)

'Beel route Canal' is flowing beside this place. You may have an afternoon sitting around this canal. Its wide, long and more live than a river.

Arpara Munsi Bari(আড়পাড়া মুন্সীবাড়ী),
Gopalganj District,

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Saturday, 22 June 2013


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