Feni: Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosjid(চাঁদ গাজী ভুঞা মসজিদ)

Friday, 05 July 2013

Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosque(চাঁদ গাজী ভুঞা মসজিদ), also known as Chad Kha mosque(চাদ খাঁ মসজিদ) is an archaic mosque from the Feni(ফেনী) district that was built during 1112 Hijri(Arabic Calendar). According to the inscription at the front door, the mosque was built by someone named Chad Gazi Bhuya(চাদ গাজী ভুঞা).

Its a traditional three dome mosque, domes are in a single row. Center one is larger compare to the other tows. All the tree domes are having a Lotus at the top and two Kolosh(native water pot) atop the lotus. This looks delicately beautiful and added an extraordinary beauty to the mosque.

Apart from the domes, the mosque is having 12 minarets over the walls in a symmetric way. Four minarets at the four corners are having similar style and other 8 minarets amid the walls are having similar style. Eastern side of the wall is having simple terracotta along with the terracotta above the front door.

How to Go:

Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosque(চাঁদ গাজী ভুঞা মসজিদ)/Chad Kha Mosjid(চাদ খাঁ মসজিদ) is located at the Chad Gazi bazaar(চাদ গাজী বাজার) of Chhagolnaiya Upozila(ছাগলনাইয়া উপজেলা) of Feni(ফেনী) district. Below is the direction to visit the Chad Kha Mosque(চাঁদ খাঁ মসজিদ).

1) Take CNG driven auto rickshaw to come at the Chhagolnaiya Upozila(ছাগলনাইয়া উপজেলা). It will be 20 taka per person, or 100 taka if you reserve the whole vehicle.

2) From Chhagolnaiya(ছাগলনাইয়া), take another CNG driven auto rickshaw to come at the Chad Gazi Bazaar(চাদ গাজী বাজার). It will be 12 taka person. GPS coordinate of the Chad Gazi Bazaar(চাদ গাজী বাজার) is (23° 4'55.48"N, 91°30'10.64"E).

3) From the bazaar, you can have a walk or take a rickshaw to reach near the mosque. The Chad Kha Mosjid(চাঁদ খাঁ মসজিদ) is around 10-15 minutes of walking distance from the bazaar. GPS Coordinate of the mosque is (23° 5'3.33"N, 91°29'45.81"E).

Beautiful Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosque.

View of the mosque from the southern side.

Corner of the mosque.

View of Chad Kha Mosque(চাঁদ খাঁ মসজিদ) from Eastern Side.

Domes of the Mosque.

Closer look towards the central dome.

Stylish lotus and Kolosh at the top of the dome.

Domes of the mosque along with minarets.

Inscription over the front door. Also few simple terracotta.

Another Eastern side view of the mosque covering all the domes and the minarets.

All the domes are having similar style at the top.

View of the mosque from the Back(Western) side.

Noticeboard, requesting everyone for not doing any harm to this archaic edifice.

Chad Gazi Bhuya Mosque(চাঁদ গাজী ভুঞা মসজিদ),
a.k.a Chad Kha Mosque(চাঁদ খাঁ মসজিদ),
Feni District,

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