Tangail: Hemnogor Jomidar Bari(হেমনগর জমিদার বাড়ি)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Hemnogor Jomidar Bari(হেমনগর জমিদার বাড়ি) is a less highlighted edifice from Bangladesh. Not that much tourists use to travel here despite of having everything to become a promising tourist attraction from Bangladesh. Only local people from around use to visit here. It was built by the prominent Hindu Jomidar(জমিদার) from Tangail(টাংগাঈল) district named Hemchandra Choudhury(হেমচন্দ্র চৌধুরী) at 1890.

The Main building at the front side has two small statues of angel at the top. That's why local people know this as Porir Dalan(পরীর দালান) which means a Palace of Angel. Main building of this Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ি) is currently using as an administrative building of Hemnogor(হেমনগর) Degree College. But the other buildings at the back side is empty right now. There it has approximately 25 rooms inside.

Front side building is having the best styles from the whole premise. It is highly ornate at the walls using colorful glasses. Every inches of the walls, pillars, and the archways are flourished with flowers, vines, stars, etc formed using those colorful glasses.

The Jomidar(জমিদার) was slight cruel and rude on the peasants. They were coerced to follow few rules. For example, if anyone wanted to pass this palace premise, he/she must had to continuously keep vowing and walking backwards with bare feet. I believe such things must have poured the heart of locals with hatred and grief. That's why the powerful Jomidar(জমিদার) had to escape from the place during the country's separation.

Along with the buildings, the whole premise was having 7 massive ponds(only few are right now available). Local people say those 7 ponds are for the seven ladies(daughters and sisters of the Jomidar).

We wanted to stay there for another few hours, but unfortunately we had to rush for the Dhonbari Jomidar Bari which is very near from there.

How to Go:

Hemnogor Jomidar Bari(হেমনগর জমিদার বাড়ি) is located at the Hemnogor(হেমনগর) of Bhuapur Upozela(ভুয়াপুর উপজেলা) of Tangail(টাংগাঈল) district from Bangladesh. This Jomdiar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ি) has a bookish name as "Angel Palace", but local people know this as Hemnogor Rajbari(হেমনগর রাজবাড়ী) or Hemnogor Rajbari(হেমনগর রাজবাড়ী) College.

1) There are two ways you can take to come at Tangail(টাংগাঈল) district from Dhaka. Using bus or using Train. From Tangail(টাংগাঈল), just hire any CNG driven auto rickshaw to drop you at Hemnogor(হেমনগর). It will be around 200 taka or less.

2) Another option can be coming at Gopalpur(গোপালপুর) or Bhuapur Thana(ভুয়াপুর থানা) using direct bus from Mohakhali(মহাখালী) Bus Terminal. After that use CNG vehicles to reach near to the palace premise.

GPS coordinate of the Hemnogor Jomidar Bari(হেমনগর জমিদার বাড়ি) is (24°33'56.41"N, 89°51'12.50"E).


Its better to travel this Jomidar Bari(জমিদার বাড়ি) during weekends or at government holidays. Otherwise you'll find this area packed with college students.

Inner Yard of the Jomidar Bari.

Colorful works using colorful glasses.

Even the archway is having ornate too.

Stylish decoration using colorful glasses.

Stylish decoration using colorful glasses.

Stylish pillars on the facade.

Corridor at the inner house.

Corridor at the inner house.

Few artwork at the wall of inner side houses.

Inner yard at the Hemnogor Jomidar Bari.

Large playground for the college students.

A pond at the front side of the palace.

A ghat(ঘাট) beside the pond.

Hemnogor Jomidar Bari,
(a.k.a. Hemnogor Angel Palace),
(a.k.a. Hemnogor Angel House),
Bhuapur, Tangail District, Bangladesh,

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