Narayanganj: Sonakanda Fort(সোনাকান্দা দুর্গ)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) is situated beside the river Shitalakkha and this river has an important role for transportation, specially for carrying the trading goods. It was same even 300 years back. The river was the main channel for any landing parties whoever uses to come here. To hinder any unwanted entries through this river, several observatory forts have been built around. The Sonakanda(সোনাকান্দা) Fort is one of those observatory forts.

It is uncertain about the builder of the fort(though many people believe it was Mir Jumla(মীর জুমলা)). But it is certain that the fort was built during the 17th century, at the Mughal(মোঘল) era. This fort is contemporary to the Idrakpur Fort and the Hajiganj Fort.

This is a rectangular shaped fort having a single entrance at the northern side. Overall entrance looks like a rectangular shape but has an archway inside this. There is a high circular platform is available at the western side of the fort that is used to keep the heavy artillery. This circular platform is facing towards the river Sitalakkha(শীতলক্ষা নদী). There is a stair available inclined with the platform to climb up.

Apart from the main circular platform, there are another four small lower platform(bastions) is available at the four corners of the fort. The walls of the fort are thick and having crowned by one meter height arch shaped objects. Walls are having lot of holes for observing and pointing the firearms. There is no mark of any permanent structure or anything similar inside the fort. Now a days the vacant ground inside the fort is being used as a playground by the locals.

How to Go:

Shonakanda(সোনাকান্দা) Fort is very easy to access from Dhaka as Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) town is adjacent to the Dhaka city. Local people mostly know this as Kella(কেল্লা). So if you are finding any difficulties, just ask them for Kella(কেল্লা) instead of Sonakanda Fort(সোনাকান্দা দুর্গ). Below is a simple direction that will be useful for you to locate the fort.

1) Come to the Chashara(চাষাড়া) of Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) using BRTC or any similar buses from Gulistan(গুলিস্তান). Its around 40 taka per person.

2) Take a rickshaw and come to the Bondor Ghat(বন্দর ঘাট), also known as Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) Launch Terminal. Its around 15-20 taka Rickshaw fare.

3) Cross the river using the boats, per person 1-2 taka.

4) Take a rickshaw and ask the driver to drop you near at the Kella(কেল্লা).

For more help, the GPS coordinate of the Sonakanda Fort(সোনাকান্দা দুর্গ) is (23°36'25.05"N, 90°30'43.26"E).

Stair goes to the circular platform.

Stair goes to the circular platform.

Stair goes to the circular platform.

Main entrance for the Shonakanda Fort.

Inside the circular platform.

A corner of the fort.

Outer wall of the Shonakanda Fort.

A hole for shooting firearms.

A view towards the circular platform from outside.

সোনাকান্দা দুর্গ,
Sonakanda Fort/Sonakanda Kella/Shonakanda Durgo,
Bondor, Narayanganj District,
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