Narayanganj: Kodom Rasul Dorga(কদম রাসূল দরগা)

Friday, 14 June 2013

Kadam Rasul Dorga(কদম রাসূল দরগা) is located at the Nobiganj(নবীগঞ্জ) Bazaar of Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) District. It is believed that it contains a footprint (marked on a stone) of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH). Lot of followers of Islam use to pay a visit here everyday to touch or kiss that footprint. The stone is cut as a shape of a footprint. Mainly the central shrine inside the premise is being used to keep this footprint.

It is believed that the footprint was bought from an Arab merchant by an Afghan chief named Masum Khan Kabuli(মাসুম খান কাবুলী) at the early 17th Century. Apart from the footprint, the Kadam Rasul Dorga(কদম রাসূল দরগা) premise has a specious mosque inside. Lot of graves covered with green and red cloths. I am not sure about who are those people.

The main entrance of the Kadam Rasul Dorga(কদম রাসূল দরগা) has a lovely decoration. Its around a three stored building. The whole premise is placed over a very high plinth. The river Sitalakkha is flowing beside the Dorga(দরগা).

How to Go:

First you have to come at the Nobigonj(নবীগঞ্জ) of Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) district. You can come here through the Narayanganj(নারায়ানগঞ্জ) town, or through the Modonpur(মদনপুর) of Dhaka Chittagong highway. A 15 taka rickshaw fare(From Nobigonj(নবীগঞ্জ) bazaar) will drop you at the Kodom Rasul Dorga(কদম রাসূল দরগা) premise. GPS coordinate of the Dorga(দরগা) is (23°37'49.57"N, 90°31'11.95"E).

This holds the footprint of Prophet Mohammad(PBUH).

A grave inside the Kodom Rasul Dorga premise.

More graves inside the Kadam Rasul Dorga Premise.

Kadme Rasul/Kodom Rasul Dorga/Kadam Rasul Allah,
Nobiganj, Narayanganj District,
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