Kishoreganj: Kobi Chondraboti Shib Mondir(কবি চন্দ্রাবতী শিব মন্দির)

Saturday, 07 June 2013

Poet Chandrabati(চন্দ্রাবতী) is considered to be the first Female poet in Bengali literature. She was born in 1550. Her father's name was Bangshidas Bhattacharya(বংশীদাস ভট্টাচার্য) who is considered as one of the composers of Monoshamongol(মনসা মঙ্গল). She along with her father composed the Monosha Debir Bhashan(মনসা দেবীর ভাসান) during 1575. Poet Chondraboti(কবি চন্দ্রাবতী) started narrating the Ramayana(রামায়ন) from the Sita's(সীতা) point of view by criticizing Rama(রাম). But unfortunately, she couldn't finish her work.

There are two Shib Mondir(শিব মন্দির) available near the village Chandrabati(চন্দ্রাবতী) that is around 6 kilometer apart from the Kishoreganj(কিশোরগঞ্জ) town. One of those are shorter in size. These temples are related with many stories of Chandrabati(চন্দ্রাবতী) and her life. It is believed that the temples were built during the 16th century, contemporary to the poet's birth.

It was around 3:00 at the afternoon when I have reached there. So I was the only traveler or tourist there that time. There are few sitting places available near the temple. Authority built those for the visitors. Probably during the holidays or at afternoon lot of visitors use to gather here.

How to Go:

Basically most of the literate person from Kishoreganj(কিশোরগঞ্জ) town use to know about this temple and Poet Chondraboti(চন্দ্রাবতী). But unfortunately I had a slight difficulties to locate it as I was asking to the wrong guys. Finally an 'easy-bike' driver from the Shohidi Mosque stand(শহিদী মসজিদ স্ট্যান্ড) of the town came to rescue me. He dropped me at the road side near the village Chandraboti(চন্দ্রাবতী) and from there I had to cross the bridge over river Narasunda(নরসুন্দা) and had to walk around 7/8 minutes to reach near the temples. You can follow the below directions to locate the temple.

1) Ride on an easy bike from the Shohidi Mosque(শহিদী মসজিদ) Stand. Ask the driver to drop you near the Chandraboti(চন্দ্রাবতী) village. This will be just after(2-3 minutes) the Jalalganj(জালালগঞ্জ) Station. GPS coordinate of the dropping point is (24°29'46.85"N, 90°47'42.61"E). You have to count 15 taka for the ride.

2) From there, cross the bridge over the river and keep walking. It is not far from there.

For your assistance, here is the GPS coordinate of the Chondrabati(চন্দ্রাবতী) Temple (24°29'44.16"N, 90°48'3.59"E).

The villages of Bangladesh are always beautiful regardless the season. So while walking on the typical village road, you'll find lot of scenic beauties around. Also, walking on the Metho Poth(মেঠো পথ) of village is always feeling like a charm to me.

Longer Shib Temple from the twos.

Longer Shib Temple from the twos.

Longer Shib Temple from the twos.

View of the Shiva temple from the other side of the pond.

Shorter Shib Temple.

Sitting place for the visitor near the temple.

View of the two temples in one frame.

View of the two temples in one frame.

Goddess Kali inside a newly built temple near the Shib Mondir.

An old house near the Shiva temples.

Kobi Chandrabati Shib Mondir,
Viillage Chandrabati,
Kishoreganj District,
Traveling Bangladesh...



  1. Hi Lonely Traveler,

    I am a researcher at UTS, Sydney and working on Chandrabati and her works. I am going to conduct a fieldwork in Bangladesh ASAP and trying to gather all kinds of information I can get at this point. I have been seeing your post for a while and as you have been to Chandrabati's village I think I can get some important tips and points from you. If you are interested in providing me with relevant information please let me know. And I will give you my e mail id to contact me.

    Thanks for your help in advance.


    Sumaya Afrin Eku

    1. Thank you for writing me. Please go ahead... You can also reach me at my gmail id... Its something like

  2. I need help sir plz, ..
    I need to know about her .
    Her full story and everything ..

    Any book plz where I will get her full information or anything ..
    Or any old book
    Plz suggest sir

  3. I dont have any. You can search using "কবি চন্দ্রাবতী" for more information. Not sure but may be any Bangla teacher from University of Dhaka can be handy to ask for it!!


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