Joypurhat: Hinda-Koshba Shahi Mosjid(হিন্দা-কসবা শাহী মসজিদ)

Saturday, 18 May 2013

It was the early morning of the day and we have finished the breakfast with a heavy one. It was just after 7:30 at the morning and our first destination was the Hinda Kosahba Shahi Mosque(হিন্দা কসবা শাহী মসজিদ) from the Khetlal Upozela(ক্ষেতলাল উপজেলা) of the district. Using auto and van we have reached near to the Mosque by asking direction from the local as I didn't know the GPS of the mosque.

I thought Hinda Koshba Mosque(হিন্দা কসবা মসজিদ) would be a very old mosque, but actually it is not. It is a 55 years old mosque built during the 1365(Bengali Calendar). Not that much antic value, but its very rich from the architectural aspect. Highly decorated mosque that has a touch of Mughal styled edifices. A Pir(a saint) named Hajrat Abu Gofur Chishti(হযরত আবদুল গফুর চিশতি) ordered to built this mosque here. He himself was the designer of the mosque.

Hinda Mosque(হিন্দা মসজিদ) is a rectangular shaped mosque having a measurement of 49.5 x 22.5 feet. The mosque has five beautiful domes at the top. Five domes are for the five main bases/faiths of the religion Islam that people use to believe. The Dome at the middle is the larger one and other four around it are smaller and equal to each other. Mosque has a small pond at the north-west corner and a 40 feet tall minaret at the northern side.

Mainly the front side is extremely decorated which simply amazes any visitors. Decorations are mainly made using colorful stones, glasses, mirrors, and tiles by stuffing those over white gum that is pasted over the walls. I didn't expect such a beautiful mosque was waiting for us there. My expectation was about a simple old style mosque.

How to Go:

Communication of Joypurhat(জয়পুরহাট) district is a bit of problematic. Local available bus services are too much crowded, slow and time consuming. You can rely on those, or can use any rent-a-car services. Choice is yours.

Hinda Koshba Mosque(হিন্দা কসবা মসজিদ) is locate at the Hinda(হিন্দা) village of Khetlal Upozela(ক্ষেতলাল উপজেলা) of Joypurhat(জয়পুরহাট) district. Local People know this mosque as Hinda Mosque(হিন্দা মসজিদ). Please follow the below instructions to visit this mosque.

1) From Joypurhat(জয়পুরহাট) town, use any auto/tempo or any bus to come at Itakhola(ইটাখোলা) bazaar. It is 20 taka per person. It will be around 40 minutes of journey.

2) From the Itakhola(ইটাখোলা) Bazaar, use a van or battery driven auto to reach near the mosque. A reserved van will cost you 40 taka. And an auto costs 10 taka per person.

Auto is comparatively faster but you can not enjoy the beauties on the road that much. On the other hand, the Van is slower, but it provides the traveler to enjoy the proximity beauties at the road. Once again, choice is yours.

GPS coordinate of the Hinda Koshba Shahi Mosque(হিন্দা কসবা শাহী মসজিদ) is (24°59'49.58"N, 89° 8'8.20"E).

An eye catching artwork above the main gate of the mosque.

A closer look to the flower.

A design at the wall.

Another design, mostly used glasses, mirrors and tiles.

A lovely flower vase like orientation at the bottom of the columns.

Hindha-Koshba Shahi Mosque,
Khetlal Upozela,
Joypurhat District,

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