Habiganj: Shonkor Pasha Shahi Mosjid(শংকরপাশা শাহী মসজিদ)

Saturday, 27 April 2013

We went to visit the Shonkor Pasha Shahi Mosque(শংকর পাশা শাহী মসজিদ) after returning from the Baniyachong(বানিয়াচং) village. The mosque is located near at Uchail bazaar(উচাইল বাজার) of Rajiura union(রাজিউরা থানা). Though local people pronounce the village name as Usail(উছাইল). We have reached there using a poor quality public vehicle known as tempo. From Hobigonj(হবিগঞ্জ) town, it took us around 40 minutes or more to reach near to the mosque.

There were hardly any notice boards, or directions near to the mosque. We were standing 3/4 minutes away from the mosque, and were still confused. Local people know this mosque as Gayebi Mosque(গায়েবী মসজিদ). They are not aware about textbook name Sankar Pasha Shahi Mosjid(শংকরপাশা শাহী মসজিদ). I thought that we were at wrong mosque, not the one the we were looking for.

But finding no other options, we have moved forward to visit that Gayebi mosque(গায়েবী মসজিদ), and found that its exactly the same one that we wanted to visit. Its a four dome mosque. One is larger and other three are smaller, and at second row. Mosque has a high minaret that anyone can climb. From the top of that minaret we found a bird's eye view of the mosque. It is rare to find such view for other similar mosques from Bangladesh.

Shankar Pasha Shahi Mosjid(শংকরপাশা শাহী মসজিদ) is a very old mosque that was built somewhere between 1419-1519 by someone named Majlis Amin(মজলিস আমিন). This 600 years old mosque is highly ornate at both inner and outer side of the wall. A grave is available at he southern side of the mosque. The mosque premise is a huge one, lot of empty spaces are available inside the premise. Not too many tourists use to come here, but still everything here is being under a good care.

How to Go:

There are two routes available for the tourists to come near to the Shonkor Pasha(শংকর পাশা) mosque. One from Hobiganj(হবিগঞ্জ) town, and another one from Shayestaganj(শায়েস্তাগঞ্জ). For your information, Sankar pasha(শংকর পাশা) is mainly the name of the village where the mosque is situated.

1) If you come from Hobiganj(হবিগঞ্জ) town, that case you have to take tempo or similar vehicle for Uchail Bazar(উচাইল বাজার) from the town's community bus terminal. It will cost 20/25 taka per person and around 40 minutes or more to reach. From the bazaar you can take rickshaw or have a walk to reach near to the mosque.

2) If you come from Shayestaganj(শায়েস্তাগঞ্জ), that case first you have to come at Olipur(অলিপুর) using CNG auto rickshaw. Its around 25/30 taka per person. From Olipur(অলিপুর) you have to take another CNG auto rickshaw to come at Uchail Bazar(উচাইল বাজার). Its 20 taka per person. The mosque is just before the bazaar. You can ask the driver to drop you on the road.

GPS coordinate of the Shonkor Pasha(শংকরপাশা) mosque is (24°18'8.36"N, 91°21'31.83"E).


This portion of our country is always beautiful in any season. Try to enjoy the beauties as much as possible. It will be best during rainy season I think.

One large and three smaller domes at the top of the mosque.

A grave beside the mosque.

Side view. It had a rain earlier.

Simple artwork at the wall of the mosque.

Simple artwork at the wall of the mosque.

Simple artwork at the wall of the mosque.

Simple artwork at the wall of the mosque.


  1. Jazakallah khairan. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures of the amazing architectural heritage of Bangladesh.

    This mosque was built during the reign of Sultan Alauddin Hussain Shah (1493-1518) and is a fine example of late sultanate period architecture of Bengal. It is certainly the best preserved sultanate mosque in the Sylhet division.

    It's a shame that the authorities are not taking steps to look after, maintain and preserve this priceless historical monument.

  2. আপরূপ মুঘ্ল স্থাপত্য! 600 years old Mosque!

  3. This is not Mughal. it's Bengal Sultanate period . This was the first place which was conquered among sylhet by Muslim saints against the Hindu ruler of Taraf (habiganj). 12 saints who where disciple of Saint Shajalal conquered the area and preached Islam in the region. The tomb is of Majlish-e-Amin, one of the 12 saints who settled at this location.


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