Feni: Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট)

Friday, 15 March 2013

This is mainly an irrigation project that was completed(1977-1986) by a Japanese company named Simujhu with the help of World Bank and others. A Barrage was built over the Feni River(ফেনী নদী) near the Shonagazi(সোনাগাজী) of Feni(ফেনী) district. It's main purpose was to protect the proximity areas from the flood during the rainy season, and provide adequate supply of water during the dry season for irrigation. Main tributary rivers for the project are Feni River(ফেনী নদী), Mohuri River(মহুরী নদী) and Kalidas Pahalia River(কালিদাস পাহেলিকা নদী). Despite of being an irrigation project lot of tourists use to visit this place during all seasons. People come here for watching the migratory birds during winter. At other seasons, they use to do picnic, study tours, traveling, etc.

After passing some good moments at the Mohamaya Project(মহামায়া প্রজেক্ট) at Mirsarai(মীরসরাই), we have gone to this Mohuri project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট) as per our predefined itinerary. We took a CNG driven auto rickshaw and it dropped us at the other side(Chittagong side) of the Mohuri project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট), from where that was just started.

There were lot of other vehicles were waiting there and wanted us to hire any of those. But I have checked the Google Map and found that we were very near to the Project. So we had a walk to explore the area. But unfortunately I didn't zoom in the map, and the distance was a lot. When we have realized that we were fooled by the zoom option, it was too late. We have already walked half way through.

Red path shows the distance that we have covered near the Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট).

The road was a straight one. Left side of the road was having lot of small ponds and lakes which were using for the fisheries projects. And the right side was filled with water for the closed switches at the Barrage. Either sides of the road was packed with natural beauties. And yes, the road was itself extremely wonderful. It had a slop beside the road which was covered with green grasses. After that it was only water and water, and most of the water from the area were filled with water Hyacinths. But those made the watery land is more green and added an extra beauty.

We could have enjoyed the walking further more if it was afternoon. But alas, it was the middle of the day. Just after 1:00 at the noon. Terrible terrible warm weather and there were not a single tree beside the road to hide from the scorching sun. First half an hour we were excited as we were busy with capturing photos and observing the flora and fauna around the road. But later we were getting tired accruing the progress of time.

At one point we thought the road was never gonna have an end. Even lot of other local tourist were passing us using CNG auto rickshaw or private cars. Few local people were passing us using vans(I didn't see anyone was walking on that road). All were having a different look towards us. They were thinking about what we were doing near there, specially at the middle of the day. The road was burning high and converting the winds around into simple vapor and we have experienced mirage amid the road.

Slowly we get tired enough to seek for a shelter. We found a Kath Badam(কাঠ বাদাম) tree near the road side. You know this tree is famous for it's shade as it has large thick green leafs. It was a wonderful place to hide our body from the burning sun. The place was not only cool, it was also having scenic beauties around. I have captured few photos of the flower from the Kath Badam tree. Also, enjoyed whistle and playing of a Magpie Robin bird(দোয়েল পাখি).

After the break, we have started walking again. Suddenly we found the wind turbines from the Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট) from the far sight. But still it was too far. As those turbines were having much height, thus it was visible from the far. This portion of the road was only having ponds at both sides and few houses around those ponds. The dam water was not available at that area.

After reaching near to the barrage, we have slacked our thirst with green coconuts. There were a picnic party around the barrage but they were not enjoying as much as we did. The burning sun thwarted them to do any activities except sitting under the trees. After having a short rest, we have had a small stroll at the southern side of the river. I mean the dread side of the barrage. Very poor amount of water was at that side.

There were four wind turbines available at the western bank of the river. Those are not functioning. I doubt whether they have ever functioned! I am not sure who was the prudent who planed for those things around here. It requires massive amount of wind to turn the blades, and the place was having almost no wind. But yet, it was the fist time I was seeing such things. Bangladesh has very few such things around, and the Mohuri project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট) is one of those.

After exploring the barrage area, we were ready to leave the place. But unfortunately it was after the 'Jumma prayer' time. Most of the vehicle drivers use to return at home for their lunch at this time. So we had to wait a while at a tea stall for any vehicles to come here. We have returned to the Feni(ফেনী) town through the Shonagazi Thana(সোনাগাজী থানা).

From my experience, the place is lovely. But it will be more beautiful and enjoyable if anyone visits the place during afternoon. The road we have walked at noon will be more pleasant in afternoon, at least I believe so. Though we have walked foolishly, but it was an experience. Also we have enjoyed the whole area for that walk.

How to Go:

There are several ways to go there. Though we have gone there from Mohamaya project(মহামায়া প্রজেক্ট), but you can go there from the Feni(ফেনী) town directly. It will be 200-250 taka CNG auto rickshaw fare to reach near that place, and its around an hour of journey. No matter the place you choose to come, you can use CNG driven vehicles there. Its abundant on that portion of the country, so ask any CNG driver to drop you there. Of course they will charge you some money.

GPS Coordinate of the place is (22°50'22.46"N, 91°27'42.69"E)

Where to Stay:

I am not sure about staying around there. You can probably stay at Feni(ফেনী) town for the night, or return back to the Chittagong town.

Where to Eat:

No high quality restaurants are available around there. You have to rely on the local hotels for your lunch. Do not expect any town amenity from there. But its a different experience. You should try it.

Things to ponder:

** People from this portion of our country are slight conservative. So respect the local people. Make sure you are not hurting them by your activity.

** Do not mess the area by dropping crumbs and stuffs. Do you spit on your own house? So why here? Consider this place as your home.

We have just started our walking through this road.

The road side was packed with scenic beauties like this one.

Right side is having packed with water, and left side was having fisheries projects.

The water was filled with myriad of hyacinths.

This is the slope of the road. I have captured the photo from standing downside.

A lovely pond is just beside the road. There were plenty of such things there.

This one is dried up, but still looks beautiful.

The road is having a turn at this point for the first time.

No trees at either side of the road.

A fisheries project beside the road. Probably the baby fishes were having a care there.

First closer view towards the wind turbines over a pond.

The barrage over the river at Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট) and the wind turbines.

This side of the river is packed with water as the switches of the barrage were shut.

The Barrage at Mohuri Project.

View of the river from the dried up side of the river.

View of the river from the dried up side of the river.

Some huts beside the river bank.

Wind turbines at the Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট).

Wind turbines at the Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট).

Very lovely view of the barrage at Mohuri Project(মহুরী প্রজেক্ট).

Close view to the machinery.