Noakhali: Bozra Shahi Mosjid(বজরা শাহী মসজিদ)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bozra Shahi Mosque(বজরা শাহী মসজিদ), is an exquisite ancient mosque located at the village Bozra(বজরা) of the Begumganj(বেগমগঞ্জ) thana of Noakhali(নোয়াখালী) district. It was built during the 1741/42 AD by Amanullah(আমানউল্লাহ) and later it was repaired by the Bazra Jomidar(জমিদার) named Khan Bahadur Ali Ahmad(খান বাহাদুর আলী আহমদ) and Khan Bahadur Mujir Uddin Ahmad(খান বাহাদুর মুজির উদ্দিন আহমদ).

This mosque is having similar size and nearly similar architecture of the mosques during that era. Only difference is the stylish outer walls. It has three domes at the top and the middle one is slight larger. Also it has lot of small minarets at the columns of the mosque. It has three doorways at the eastern side, just under the domes.

The mosque had a large water tank at the eastern side, but now its just shrink into one percent of its original size. Southern side of the mosque has a large graveyard.

How to Go:

This mosque is located very near to the highway. You can access this from both Noakhali(নোয়াখালী) or Dhaka. Just get down from the Bus at Bozra(বজরা) bazaar. From there you can take rickshaw or have a short walk to reach near to the mosque. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (23° 0'11.92"N, 91° 5'37.05"E).

Central dome of the mosque.

Baroque style on the wall of the mosque.

Quarter of a sphere atop of the main gate.

Stylish wall of the mosque.

A flower is designed on the wall.

This is at the entrance of the mosque premise.

Main gate of the mosque premise. Also it used for Azan as its high enough.