Chondi mura temple - Comilla

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla

Most of the tourist spots (from Comilla) are somewhere around the other side of Shalbon Bihar of Comilla. But this Chondi mura temple is quite isolated from those places. This is at the southern end of the Lalmai Hill. That's why mostly the devoted people use to go there only. Very few tourists like us use to go there.

Chondi mura temple is located at the top of a hillock and you have to climb there using the stairs. It's tiresome to reach at the top. But don't worry, you'll have the whole stairs is covered with evergreen trees. And at any stages you can have a break by supporting your body on the railing of the stairs. You can see a long distance from there as you have already climbed a few.

The temple premise is mainly having two temples. Each of those are having two small compartments are joined together (considered as single one). Left side temple is the Shiv Mondir and the right side temple is Chondi Mondir.

We went there from Laksham and after visiting we've headed towards the Moynamoti through the Poduar Bazar. We have used local bus services through out this journey to save money.

How to Go:

First you have to come at the Lalmai Bazar. From the bazaar, its 10 Taka auto rickshaw fare for each person. GPS coordinate of the temple is (23°21'9.62"N, 91° 7'52.42"E).

There is a bus (named Bolaka) uses to run through a road which is exactly beside the temple. You can take that bus from the Poduar Bazar of Comilla Bishwa road. It's 15 Taka per person and around 15 minutes of bus ride.

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla

A view from the stairs of the temple.

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla
Back side of the temples.

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla
Chondi Mondir.

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla
Shiv Mondir.

Chondi Mura Mondir - Comilla
A view towards the Lalmai hill.

Chondi Mura Temple,
GPS Coordinate (23°21'9.62"N, 91° 7'52.42"E).

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