Jhenaidah: Satgachhia Mosque at Barobazar(সাতগাছিয়া মসজিদ, বারোবাজার)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Saatgachhia Mosjhid(সাতগাছিয়া মসজিদ) is a bit far from all the other mosques at Barobazar(বারোবাজার). This is around 4 kilometer apart from Baro bazar(বারো বাজার), just beside the barobazar-taherpur(বারোবাজার-তাহেরপুর) road. During the excavation, the mosque was found having few pillars and other things under the surface. Studying on the structure and the design, archaeological department has assumed that the mosque is somewhere near from 1500AD.

This mosque is not having any domes at the top. It has lot of doors at the three sides of the mosque. For this criteria, it is also known as Hajar Duari(হাজার দুয়ারী), means thousand doors in English. Right now a tally shaded house is available amid of the mosque, where the regular prayers use to held. Considering the area, this is the largest mosque amongst all other mosques from Barobazar(বারোবাজার).

Being far from the main area, you have to hire vehicle like van, motor bike, etc to get near to the mosque. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (23°18'58.47"N, 89° 7'4.88"E).