Jhenaidah: Kaagmari/Boluhar Baor(কাগমারী/বলুহার বাওর)

Friday, 19 October 2012

It was four o'clock when we have returned back to the town after exploring the Joydia Baor. It was still sunny and very hot around. So we took a break at the roadside tea stall. We have gathered required information from the local people inside the stall. A van-puller was having a refreshment inside the stall too. We have hired him for 20 taka. He agreed to drop us at the Kheya Ghat(খেয়া ঘাট) of the Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর). After completion of our snakes, we have started moving with him.

This time it was a short ride. It was a narrow village road. Few months back, the farmers planted paddy and now both sides of the road were flourished with green, like a carpet. This Baor(বাওর) is beside a government fisheries office. This is the largest Baor(বাওর) office from Bangladesh. The premise is separated from the narrow road by a main gate. After passing the gate, its a 5 minutes of very long straight road.

Fisherman returning home after a daylong work.

A Kheya ghat(খেয়া ঘাট) is available beside the government colony. Tourists use to visit here and hire boat from the place. So we didn't have to face any difficulties to hire a boat. It was around 4:30, and we have hired the boat until sun light is available. It did cost us 130 taka after a bargain.

The whole day was tiring for us. We have traveled lot of places today, and all were under terrible hot weather. But at Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর), it was refreshing time for us. Sun was losing its power, and everything around us were getting more enthralling. Nature slowly got viable around us.

Stagnant water near the bank of the Baor(বাওর) was mirror like to me. Lot of reflections were available at the water from the picturesque surroundings. It is forbidden to catch fish at the Baor(বাওর), but still lot of people doing this sneakingly. Few of them were placing nets near to the banks, few were catching fish using wheels. Some of them were scared from our presence. They needed a while to understand our reason for visiting there.

The whole Baor(বাওর) is around 11 kilometer in length. Also it is almost a circle in shape. Just a few, I think its 500/600 meter short to form the circle. An island is available inside the circle which is connected to the mainland through tinny the mouth of the Baor(বাওর). Name of the island is Kagmari(কাগমারী). For this reason, lot of people know this Baor(বাওর) as Kagmari Baor(কাগমারী বাওর). In fact, you'll find lot of peoples who are not familiar with the name Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর). So keep both the names in mind.

Colorful ripen dhoincha(ধৈনচা) plants.

Similar to the Morjat baor(মরজত বাওর), this one is also a hunting ground for native birds like Sada Bok(সাদা বক), Kani Bok(কানি বক), Fingey(ফিঙে), etc. Didn't find any Pankouri(পানকৌরী) around us, but lot of Kani bok(কানি বক) were inside the hyacinths, and waited for a prey. If you do not look carefully, you'll not see this Kani Bok(কানি বক). Its brown in color, and small in size. It can hide itself very nicely from everything.

The water color of the Boluhar baor(বলুহার বাওর) was black. It is kind of scary black sometimes. I had a plan to have a swim at this Baor(বাওর), but later cancelled it. Also, sometimes there were gasses were bubbling out from the surface below. I suspect it was the marsh below the water got rotten. Also, lot of people use to sink jute under the water to extract the fiber easily. This process can cause damage to the stagnant water of the Baor(বাওর).

We have brought few snakes for our boat ride. After finishing those on boat, we have enjoyed the sunset view from the boat. Last half an hour we have enjoyed that thoroughly. Sunset is always a enjoyable moment for me. This time I have enjoyed this beauty from the Baor(বাওর), for the first time.

After the sunset, we have returned back to the town by walking. There were no vans available for hire. All were either full, or returning to village. So walking was the only option for us, and we enjoyed it. From the town, we have bought tickets for Dhaka, and returned back. By the way, we have waited at the bus counter for 3.5 hours. Bus was at night 10:00 and it is always boring for waiting anything in life.

Today I have visited three Baor(বাওর). First one is the widest one, second one was the deepest one, and the last one was the longest one. It was a remarkable day from my traveling history.

About a Baor(বাঁওর):

A Baor(বাঁওর) is an arc shaped lake that is formed at a bend/turn of a river/canal. Basically the river is dead/changed it course since several decades. But the water at the bend of the river is still prominent. So it just turned into a lake and having a shape of arc. The length of the arc can be 10% to 95% of the circle. But never a circle. More about a Baor can be found at Banglapedia.

How to Go:

Our boatman.

This is the very easy accessing Baor(বাওর) from the three we have visited today. Its near to the town and anyone can easily go there.

1) Come to Boluhar(বলুহার) Bus Stand of Kotchadpur(কোটচাঁদপুর) Upozila of Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ). GPS coordinate is (23°24'44.55"N, 89° 0'12.53"E).

2) Take a Van from the bus stand. It will take you to the Kheya Ghat(খেয়া ঘাট) of the Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর) within 10/15 minutes. Fare will be 10 taka per person. You can also walk if you want. GPS of the Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর) is (23°24'51.85"N, 88°59'9.13"E).

Where to stay:

Mirror view at the serene water of the Baor.

I didn't stay there. But A fisheries project's colony is available beside the Baor(বাওর). It has a rest house inside. This is a government controlled area. You can try your luck there, or arrange it before going there.


Boluhar baor(বলুহার বাওর) has a specialty. This is the largest Baor(বাওর) from the Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ) district. It has a length of around 11 kilometer. Also, this Baor(বাওর) is almost a circle. Just few portion of it's mouth is open.

Placing fishing net.

Black Drongo bird, Finge Pakhi(ফিঙে পাখি).

Enjoying the sunset moment over the baor.

Hide and seek of the sun ray.

On the left is Joydia Baor(জয়দিয়া বাওর), and right one is Boluhar Baor(বলুহার বাওর).


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