Jhenaidah: Gorar Moshjid(গোড়ার মসজিদ)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Gorar Mosque(গোড়ার মসজিদ), it is another mosque from the Barobazar(বারোবাজার). In my opinion, this is the most popular mosque among all from that ancient city. The name of the mosque came from Gorai(গোরাই), who was a dorbesh(দরবেশ). It is assumed that Hosen Shah(হোসেন শাহ) or his son Nosrat Shah(নসরত শাহ) built this mosque. The mosque has a large pond at the eastern side of it.

This mosque has four domes at the top. One is larger and other threes are smaller and at second row. This mosque has the similarities with many other mosques from Bangladesh. From those, I have visited the Atia Mosque, and the Khania Dighi Mosque earlier of this year.

Lot of visitors use to come at this Gorar Mosque(গোড়ার মসজিদ), though all are not tourists. They only go there for making a wish, or after completion of their wish. This is kind of blind obsession. Sometimes they also sacrifice hen, donate money, etc from that obsession.

This mosque is very near to Baro Bazar(বারো বাজার) of Kaliganj(কালীগঞ্জ). Also it is just beside the road. GPS coordinate of the Gorar Mosque(গোড়ার মসজিদ) is (23°18'11.15"N, 89° 8'31.69"E).