Jhenaidah: Golakata Mosque at Barobazar(গলাকাটা মসজিদ, বারো বাজার)

Friday, 19 October 2012

Golakata Moshjid(গলাকাটা মসজিদ) is a square shaped mosque from Barobazar(বারো বাজার) of Jhenaidah(ঝিনাইদহ). Each side of the mosque is 25 ft in length. The mosque has exactly six domes in two rows at the top, and each of those are in same size and shape. The mosque has three doors at the eastern side of it.

It is unsure about the exact built time of the mosque and who built it. The mosque was recently repaired and given a shape by Bangladesh archaeological department. This is currently active, and people use to pray here. Mosque has a pond at northern side. Name of the pond is Golakata Dighi(গলাকাটা দীঘি).

The whole mosque area is covered with lot of trees which are planted recently. It is very hard for full sunshine to reach around, and also very hard to find room to capture the photos of the mosque. But who cares about shooting photos? I have enjoyed the shaded trees around the mosque.

You can easily reach to the mosque by taking a Van from the Barobazar bus stand. Its just few minutes of van ride distance. GPS coordinate of the mosque is (23°18'20.90"N, 89° 8'19.57"E).