Sylhet: Jaflong after rainy Season

Friday, 14 September 2012

I have visited Jaflong(জাফলং) during winter at last year. So it was a different experience during rainy season.

After visiting the Ratargul Swamp forest, we have decided to pay a visit at Jaflong(জাফলং). It was around 2:00 at afternoon and we had plenty of time ahead. So using a CNG Auto rickshaw from Goyainghat(গোয়াইন ঘাট), we have started for Jaflong(জাফলং). Auto rickshaw fare is fixed there for everyone. It was only 100 Taka for reserve and 20 Taka per person. CNG was passing through the Radhanogor(রাধানগর) Teas Estate. It was a splendid view, a serpentine road was through the green tea gardens. Tea gardens are always exquisite during and after the rainy season.

CNG dropped us at Radhanogor(রাধানগর) ghat which is not a busy one. Only a single boat is carrying a small number of local people from one side to other. Not that much tourists use to come here. A less crowded place with all kind of beauties around. We have crossed the river by paying two Taka per person. From there we have hired a rickshaw for 30 taka for a lift to Jaflong(জাফলং). But the poor rickshaw puller was having a trouble to carry three of us on his vehicle as Rezwan(রেজওয়ান) was having a size of two person.

No matter at what season you come to Jaflong(জাফলং), it is always a busy spot. Lot of picnic parties use to come here more or less every day. To me, everything at Jaflong(জাফলং) is costly. Even a boat cost which will take you to the zero point is 600 Taka. Its only a 2 minutes of walking if no water is there, so 600 taka is hell lot of costly for a traveler like me. For this extreme cost, I didn't visit the zero point like my last tour.

We have crossed the river and reached to the other side of Jaflong(জাফলং). This boat fare was only 5 Taka per person. Having a short walk at that side of the river, we have returned back. Jaflong(জাফলং) is a lovely place to enjoy the sunset. But we already planned to return back before the night(12:00AM). So we had to do a hurry. Using a local bus from the bus stand, we have returned back to Sylhet(সিলেট) town. Local bus fare was 66 Taka per person.

Jaflong zero point is at far sight.

Other side of the Jaflong, known as Bollar Ghat.

Array of boats at Bollar Ghat.

Piayin river from Radhanogor Ghat.

Piayin river from Radhanogor Ghat.

Tea garden near Radhanogor.