Pabna: River Boral And A Sunset

Friday, 28 September 2012

This is the continuation from the Cholon Beel(চলন বিল) travel experience.

After a quick lunch, we have boarded on the boat again. Our next destination was Nurnogor Ghat(নুরনগর ঘাট). In fact at there it will be the end of our remarkable boat journey. Other three members from the team were very tired and they just fall in a sleep immediately. It was around 4:30 at the afternoon. The sun was just started losing it's heat.

This river was totally filled with water and the level of the water was almost same to the bank of the river. I don't know why, but the river had lot of water hyacinths floating around near to the bank. Those were too much thick and hard to push for any water vehicles.

We had a plan to have a swim somewhere at the river. But those hyacinths were giving me a nonchalant feeling about that. But luckily we found a brick field beside the river which was completely flooded. So it made a wide space beside the river, and we have docked our boat there.

We had a swim there for around half an hour. Very calm river but having an unknown depth. I can float on water without moving any part of my body. But that river water seemed me too thick to sink me further. Ehasan(এহসান) and Mahfuz(মাহফুজ) were not expert in swimming. In fact they do not know how to swim. So they had a humpty dumpty at the 4 ft depth of water. They had a very small space to move.

After the swimming and bath we were waiting for the sunset. The boat was guiding through the river slowly. Lot more different activities were seen around the banks. Being afternoon, the village women were having a chitchat in a group at the bank. People were returning back to home. But didn't see any cowboy taking his cattle back to home. May be next time.

It is always lovely to enjoy sunset from a river. I have experienced such thing over many other rivers. The river Boral(বড়াল নদী) didn't disappointing me too. It was a remarkable sunset in my life. The reflection of the sun, and other stuffs at water were picturesquely beautiful. It fact it is kind of ineffable.

Also, it was just few days before the full moon. In front of us it was the drowning sun and behind us was the arising moon. It was a nice combination and just finished when we have reached at the Nur Nogor Ghat(নুরনগর ঘাট). After paying an eight hundred taka and thanking to the boatman Abu Hanif(আবু হানিফ), we have finished a memorable boat riding.

About the River Boral(বড়াল নদী):

This is one of the main river of Cholon Beel(চলন বিল). It is originated from the Ganges near at Rajshahi(রাজশাহী) and flowed through the Cholon beel(চলন বিল) of Natore(নাটোর) and Pabna(পাবনা) and later it merged with the Hurasagor(হুরাসাগর) River. Length of the river is 147 kilometer and main source of water is Cholon Beel(চলন বিল). Though it gets few amount of water from Ganges only during monsoon.

British made rail bridge over the river at Bhangura(ভাঙ্গুরা).

Catching fish using Chhip Jal(ছিপ জাল) at river bank.

Village women are gossiping at afternoon.

Jute's sticks are drying up.

They are returning home after a daylong work.

A lovely view of the Moon from the boat.

Enjoying the sunset.

A horizontally flipped image explains the mirror property of the river.

One of my favorite moment from the journey.