Pabna: Jor Bangla Mondir(জোড় বাংলা মন্দির)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I had two primary objectives for visit Pabna(পাবনা). One was the Cholon Beel(চলন বিল), and other one was this Jor Bangla Mondir(জোড় বাংলা মন্দির). We are not confirmed about the age of the temple. Also we do not know much more about this temple(no inscription found). But This archaeological temple is somewhere around 220-270 years of old according to the pundits.

Jor Bangla Temple is located at the main town of Pabna(পাবনা) district. Basically its two temples which are joined together. For this particular criterion it is known as Jor Bangla Mondir(জোড় বাংলা মন্দির) which means Twin Bengal Temple in English.

This temple is built over a plinth and the roof of is similar to "Dochala"(দোচালা). Several terracotta are available on the wall of the temple which are depicting the historical events from Hindu religion. It is believed that a Tahsildar(তহসিলদার) named Brajmohon Crori(ব্রজমোহন ক্রোরী) has built this temple.

How to Go:

We have hired a battery driven vehicle(known as tomtom, battery, etc) to visit this temple. We have hired this from the Pabna(পাবনা) Bus Terminal. For the round trip the vehicle did cost us 120 taka. Its very near to the town and requires very few moments from your time. GPS Coordinate of the Jor Bangla(জোড় বাংলা) Temple is (24° 0'5.40"N, 89°14'42.11"E).

Terracotta on the wall of the temple.

Terracotta on the wall of the temple.